Derkayes: The Mastermind


Once a fair scientist and philosopher, Derkayes gained a hunger for power and betrayed the people of Arcadia and JMP. Within the Spherus Magna universe, JMP and his group were defeated in this timeline, and sent to the world of Spherus Magna(Or Mata Nui). Eventually Derkayes followed with an army of soldiers, bent on gaining the powers held on the world. However, they were beaten back, and eventually lessened. Seeing his growing defeat, he challenged our heroes and was killed, decapitated and evicerated by JMP with Vent(Now Sentinel VX)'s help.

However, a mad scientist within the remaining army fused the bodies of himself and several other soldiers, allowing Derkayes the have a new body. This proved temporary when he discovered it's weaknesses, and eventually he built himself a new army and body. Now weilding a shard of JMP's original Chaos blade, he intends to exact revenge on the ZX squad... and spherus magna.


with his weapon, the chaos blade shard

and finally, with the current version of Sentinel VX, a pic between them

Enemies forever

Critique and comment!


I like the stylistic thinness, but the color distribution could use some work. I mean, his legs are completely covered in Metru red, and then it suddenly vanishes on his torso and arms. In fact, it looks like he's running around shirtless in red pants.


He's overall pretty good, but I'd say work on the color distribution.


So this is the famous Derkayes I've been hearing about.

I would recommend some form of chest-armor and maybe a bit of red on the feet or arms.
But with a mask/helmet that cool and them mad fencing skills, this guy is officially ranked as awesome on the Marendex-T17 non-numeric rating system.
In all honesty, I should probably think-up this rating system before I use it...


Oooh... Noice.

upgraded him. In this iteration he now has his signature purple back, ditching the crimson/metru red. He also has a chest plate and a modified version of the upper torso design


So his head, legs, and arms are on backwards?

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Pretty interesting looking moc.
He kinda reminds me of Bane for some reason.