Desert Twins

I guess it’s a revamp specifically for em, but basically (mainly) a female vorox and a female skrall who were left behind by their peers to the wastes that work together. I actually have no name for them or a name for their group yet(even after a year or two lol)

C&C (Critique and Comment)


Not necessarily aimed at these two, but how come nearly every creation here is female or has no specified gender?

The skrall needs a bit more colour, IMO. Just black with tiny hints of other colours seems a bit too bland to me.


Idk maybe we’re all weird

I think I’ll give her the elite green but standard red seems more normal, I’ll consider it for an upgrade

Really cool. Love the choice of the Zesk mask.

I’d say it’s like 45% male 30% female and 25% robot/mech.

As for the mocs,
Not sure how I feel about the torso, the open socket looks awful, and I’m not really a fan of the leg builds.

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Eventually I’ll change the torso and leg builds, but I’m not sure if I can make something better out of it

I feel as if I’ve seen this before. I like the eyes.

I mean…

They’re better than they used to be?

Still suffer from all the problems your MOCs normally do though (underdeveloped limbs, open sockets, and slightly awkward posing come to mind immediately).

They’re way better than they were two years ago but man they could use some improvement. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I’m gonna upgrade em

But I’m scared it might end up more of a downgrade

But yeah they’re underdeveloped I should improve em

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Can I see their skeletons?

This is really amazing! I love the design. Its obviously female, but at the same time, no one’s going to try and burn you at the stake for over sexualization. All in all, really good.

I don’t like how the vorox has an open ball-joint on the chest.