Desert's MoCs

This is a thread for the MoCs, that I made, you might recognize some designs from others... this is inspiration if you will ideas and concept ect.

Name: Ranari
Element: Ice "Ko-"
This is one of my favorites, even though fairly basic, for the concept behind it.
You might be looking at the weapon funny... but if you know your masks and that Bionicle was dark, you can understand that the "weapon" is a staff of telekinesis.

Basic but good concept. -Desert

Based off my friends MoC "Toa Ahi"
Name: Turaga Ahi
Awhile back my friend "SpitFire" made a MoC named "Ahi".
He was unsure what it would look like as a Turaga so I made this for him.
Again very basic but I like the concept.
You can know more about these characters at Magmasurge's custom story.

It's a fair concept but it needs the arms and legs need some work as well as the pins sticking out of the mocs legs and right arm. I would suggest adding more armor on him. I hope this helps.

hi desert

Thanks Kylerak, but thats really all I was going for this MoC. I appreciate you being first commenter! smiley

SHADE! My buddy!

maek moar mocs

Poor Nuju. Albino Varderan decapitated Nuju and is performing a Bionicle autopsy on him!

Hard at work!

It's been awhile since I've been here but we all have our issues.
Anyway, this may be off topic but I'm rebuilding sets from a time before time & with it
MOCs for this thread!


Wow. Old topic, cool MoCs.

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Thanks! This topic definitely gathered some dust xD

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Is that a Fohrok in the background?

Cause I like it.

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Actually it used to be a reference bohrok (since my bohrok sets were dismantled), then it became a special snowflake bohrok being a personal minion for a Makuta I bult sometime ago xD

I'm glad I have an element for it now ok_hand