Deshra, Manipulator of Electricity

Looks really good, super refreshing colours. Nice Titan butt towel mark.

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I really love this MOC! I think you did a great job of making her look feminine and that gun is phenomenal!
The thing us are however, big masses of technical and I don’t really see the cohesion.

It shoots cookies!

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You know, I just noticed the system elements on the calves. Which theme are those from?

The lower body is a little weaker than the upper, in the sense that the color distribution is a bit over-simplified; the upper legs would have been a good place to take more risks with color, IMO.

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Elves theme, water dragon

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I like that butt!

That is a nice butt!


Let’s stay on topic please.

It’s pretty good. I don’t like the gauntlet mostly because I’ve never been fond of that hand design.

The moc itself is fantastic, but if i were to have one complaint it woud be the feet, they look a little small to hold up the moc. Some of the ccbs clashes with the technic, but i can deal with that.

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