Destiny Day 2014

It’s now Midnight on Thursday Sept. 18 in EST, so it’s time for Destiny Day! Today we talk about what our future has in store for us. Speculate, make goals, finish previous ones!

Happy Destiny Day!

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Honestly, what we should have done is had Unity Day yesterday instead of Tuesday. Then Destiny Day would be the big reveal day, when the Hype Train reaches its Destinyation


Friday is announcement day.

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No, that’s literally the name we gave it. Look at the Bionicle Week topic, it’ll explain it.

Now let’s stay on topic.


I am at a loss for what the future has in store for me.

However, it has been my dream to be involved with stories. Books, TV Shows, Movies, Plays, I don’t care.

I would love to do that, but I find it unlikely.

My back up plan is far more tame, but almost as fun, IMO.

I wanna become a teacher. It’d be awesome, teaching at a middle-school/high-school level. I’d likely say screw homework, and I’d wanna teach either English or History, and there would be many jokes, and as many references as I can possibly fit in my lessons to all the dorky things I’m fans of.

I hope to retain all my immaturity in that regard, in the future. I fear becoming a boring stick-in-the-mud. I love being a troll IRL like I am now. Like, y’know that one kid who clearly doesn’t care for school, and wears like, swagtastic clothing, and always comes in late?

Yeah, that jerk. I would totally troll him as a teacher. Like, shake my head and give a disappointed sigh, and there would be laughter, and it’d be great.

And if I’m cool enough, I’ll have students who’d sign up to be TAs(Teaching Assistant/Aides) to do a lot of the correcting grunt-work for me. 8D

In the future, I hope I am destined to be a storyteller of a sort, or a Teacher.


I wanna (sort of) discontinue the TTV Chronicles, and start writing 2 stories. One being “Little Viper” and “TTV (mardi gras) INFINITY”.

My path is similar. I am a story teller, heck, I’m even writing a book at this point in time, though I think I’d rather go into Game Development than teaching.

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Me too!

Add me to the bandwagon. I want to be a writer or a filmmaker–preferably both.

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Heh heh, I’ve got BIG plans for the 2015. BIONICLE plans. XP The plans are already in motion… XP

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Happy Destiny Day all! And please go and vote in the Destiny Day Image Contest topic to pick the official Destiny Day poster!

Friday is Naming Day.


I haven’t heard anyone else say this, but I LOVE this idea.


It’s now past midnight where I’m at so happy Destiny Day everyone! Tomorrow the long awaited and highly-doubted Bionicle returns! begins holding breath in anticipation


I wanna grow up to be a real boy!
anyways, it isnt certain what is held for our future, or what will happen to me, or the entirety of this forum
as long as ttv lives, this community lives, bionicle is something that I grew up with
it was my childhood, one of the only things my brother and I had in common
its a toy yes, but what was beneath it was what made me who I am
because of the books, I started reading
because of it, I started buying lego
because of it, I am here on this computer typing
as cheesy as this sounds, its true, one thing can have a huge impact on you as a person, on your future, as well
I myself have learnt two things
I want to become a writer, or I want to make video games
we as humans, dont accept change, we looked at the new sets and immedently disregarded them as piles of cr**
when looking closer, they are what we wanted, for the future of bionicle

(sorry for any typing errors I just came back from an operation and have a patch over my eye)


welp. everyone else is saying all sorts of things they wanna be, and I’m just sitting at my school drinking a powerade…

to be honest, I’m not quite sure the direction i want to go in life (which isn’t that good because I graduate in the spring). I mean, I’ve always wanted to be an animator, but I can’t draw so that’s a problem…

So yeah, my destiny is uncertain. However, so is everyone else’s. Correct me if wrong, but none of us can see into the future. We can only hope for the best, and attempt to live our lives.


I’ve always wanted to do something that makes others laugh. Maybe it’s finally time I got up and made my comedy stop motion series. Maybe it’s time I wrote a comedic fanfic. Whatever happens, I’m sure it’ll benefit everyone.

I know how you feel. I didn’t declare a major until about a month ago (I’m a Junior) and I’m still not sure of my plans after I get my degree; I’ll probably try to get a Master’s, but I don’t know in what for sure. Think about the future, but don’t rush into decisions about it; all sorts of unforeseen things will happen that change whatever plans you have. Most older people I know changed their careers a gazillion times, and almost never ended up doing what they initially planned on.

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