Destiny Day Image Contest!

Hey everybody! So, I have class to get to soon, however I had a little Duty Day contest to set up first. For the past two days @Obviously_Yoni has made the image for each day. Well I think, and he agrees, that it would be fun to hold a contest for the Destiny day image. For the next 3 hours the only posts that will be allowed here will be entries, which can be graphic art, drawings, even a pic of your MOCs holding a sign or something. Just different things. And two hours from now entries will no longer be accepted(if you post one like 10-15 mins late that's alright, it will still be valid) and then votes can begin. The voting period will end two hours after the entry period. Please, during the entry period ONLY POST ENTRIES, no other posts. And during the voting period ONLY POST VOTES, don't spam the topic up and make it harder to count up the votes. The winner's image will be used for the Three Virtues Countdown topic and I will send their image to the first Destiny Day topic to be used as a front page poster, if the person who posts the Destiny Day topic wants to use it. That's all, you've got 3 hours, get to it!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: the entry time has been extended until an undefined time.

Is it still happening? If so, here's mine.


Yes, and I'm going to elongate the entry time.

UPDATE: the entry time has been extended to 3:30 my time, which is three hours from when this post was made.

UPDATE: I'm adding an additional 30 mins to make room for any last minute entrants.


Here's my (really cheesy) entry:


Alright, entry tike is coming to a close. There's one more entrant who's been pming with me and his entry will be allowed late, but for most others entry time ends now. To remain totally fair to everyone, the entry date is prolonged for an unknown period of time.

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@Hawkflight made the original image, I just used photoshop to make the logo, and since it's my character it features, thought it would be great for Unity Day. So here it is!


I've actually got two.


Alright everybody, that's several entries, and I don't anticipate any more, so entry time is now closed. Voting time is now open, so vote away! Only one vote per person, and contestants may not vote for themselves.

I dig the first of the two you posted more.

It's a difficult choice, but I think I've got to vote for the first of the entries that @Obviously_Yoni posted. We need more votes people!

I concur with Jowm. I think the first of Yoni's pretty legit.

I'll put down a vote for it.

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I vote for Jakura's

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Idk, Chronicler's is pretty awesome.

Well, now that the forums are back up, I do believe @Obviously_Yoni has won. Your post will be used in the three virtues countdown topic as the Destiny Day poster and will be sent to @SammySpartan for his use in the Destiny Day topic, if he so chooses.

Actually, @Jakura has him tied, both at 5 likes.

@SammySpartan was counting votes through comments, not likes, but now that I look at them you're right. But because I was counting votes as comments and not likes, I liked them both, even though I vote for Yoni's, which still makes him the winner.

Based on the state of the forums throughout today, I say that you let me submit this:

As an application. Fairly fitting, I say


A masterpiece, truly a wonderful work of art stuck_out_tongue

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