Destiny Raiding Crew (Xbox One) Recruitment

I have intentionally opted to create this topic separate from the main Destiny thread in order to make a larger impact.

For those unaware, myself and @Solaris_Magnus, co-founder of TTV, manage a Discord chat where we organize and participate in Destiny raids and activities on the Xbox One console. Seeing as how we’re in the final stages of the game’s lifespan what with Destiny 2 on the horizon, I figured now was as good a time as any to re-issue a community call to arms to see if anyone would be interested in joining us.

Want to have fun times with fellow fans of Destiny? Ever wanted to run raids on the regular but couldn’t get a group together? Still want some specific guns, armor, or general loot before Destiny 1 fades into obscurity? Now’s your chance! Just post in this topic expressing interest and I’ll send you a link to our Discord channel.


Q: What are the logistics of raid planning, Meso? Where do we talk?

A: Well, our group typically uses Discord’s text based messaging system to chat, have fun times, and organize raid timing and gameplay sessions. Then, the actual raid itself is conducted via Xbox party chat, rather than Discord’s voice messaging service. This is because people in the group are chumps and don’t like to use Discord’s voice capabilities to their fullest potential. If more people joined in who liked using Discord, that could maybe change.

Q: Is Destiny a fun game? Why would I want to play it?

A: Difficult questions to answer, but I’ll try my best. Destiny is an incredibly fun game if you’re into loot acquisition games, or games where the main element of fun is from cooperation with other people. If you like hanging out with cool dudes, cracking jokes, shooting aliens, and getting tons of loot, you’ll probably have a fun time. If you dislike repetition, grinding gameplay, or if you value the narrative element, you’ll probably hate Destiny and won’t want to join in. I can tell you, though, that tons of laughs have been had over the years and I don’t regret my time spent in Destiny.

Q: How high of a light level do I need?

A: Well, we will mainly be playing end-game activities, so really, anything in the 370-400 range is ideal. However, if you’re behind, the current Destiny landscape offers a billion paths for advancement, so you should still join regardless and I’m sure some people wouldn’t mind helping you level.

Q: How often do you play?

A: Not as much as some people would like. Hence this recruitment; our goal is that if we can get some more people on-board before Destiny 1 goes away, people will be able to leave the game with a sense of fulfillment knowing that tons of fun was had and that they got everything they wanted out of it. Plus, it would make scheduling raids a lot easier to have a more widespread group of people to factor in.



Sign me up boss /s

hey i’ll joi-

oh, nevermind

Eh, why not? I’d be willing to join.

I have some choice words for you Shadow.


Oh man guys id love to join, i just got my xbox and im a level 8001

Added FAQ section just cause I can


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Kitt -_-

Kitt why

Because my hand hurts and im bored

For the record, a few of us do Have PS4, just arent leveled or geared enough to raid… yet

I really like it, and would defiantly say pick it up, raids have a little extra like if someone on your teams dies everyone dies. Sign me and my friend up for a raid team.

If i knew this was an issue i would have supported using the discord voice chat


OOC: I just use the Xbox live chat


OOC: You just used OOC outside of an RP so I think it’s healthy to take a hiatus from the RWBY RP bro


Nah, it is healthy


Im joking bro, have fun


Let me tell you about the power in the Logic of the Sword. (That’s my way of saying sign me up)

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Do you guys ever make use of the Skype video/messaging service?