Destroyer of Segways (Fan Doodle)

Was listening to TTV Podcast 175 @ 34:10, made this doodle in response.

idek. what is lyfe. Maybe it can amuse somebody. Gave Viper a baseball bat with Zaktan's weapon on it because I think Zaktan is her favourite G1 character?

"I see that segway, I'm just gonna destroy it now."

Literally have no idea what the setting is about, why would they be riding segways in such an arid environment? Let's pretend there's a deep and profound reason for it.

well it definitely amused me XD

Var cracked me up

That Var, he is true beauty.

I really like the expressions of terror! and the Zak-bat. Great work.

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that's pretty incredible XD

what about swegways?

Amazin', RIP Kahi.