Desyl, Toa of Sonics

Gender: Female

Species: Matoran (Toa)

Element: Sonics

Kanohi: Huna

Tools: Lyre, Fists

Traits: Reserved, Bookish, Singlemindedly determined

So I feel that this creation could be called my flagship moc, not least because BobtheDoctor27 deigned to make his own version of the moc (BTD27 on the left)

Not to mention Gringat commented on it.

Link to Page with backstory and other stuff


Instrument as a Toa tool? Oh man, that is just beautiful. Love it, love it, love it.


a Lyre

a friggin lyre

great job

10/10, 100/100, best game, BEST GAME!


Not a fan of the mask,but everything elso is gr8

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That Lyre is quite the creative idea! The moc isn't half bad itself.

8/10 would listen again, unless Desyl is creating sounds of death or something. wink

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I understood that reference.

Anyway, this MOC looks great. it's decidedly female without going to the usual extremes, The colors are perfect, and go well together, and it actually doesn't look bland like most black/silver/gray MOCs do. The weapon is brilliant, and overall it looks incredible. My only complaint would be how masculine the Huna is.


I absolutely love this MOC. The build is nice, the color scheme is pretty much perfect, and the the MOC overall is very unique and original.

I'm gonna repeat what everyone else is saying and say that I love the idea and design of the Lyre.

In my eyes the huna is more of a feminine mask...

Amazing job!

To me, most generic BIONICLE masks have no gender-specific roles, so it doesn't bother me.

I like the idea of having an instrument as a Toa Tool, especially for a Toa of Sonics. Quite an interesting idea. :smiley:


It's a great MOC, keep doing what your doing, I especially like the Lyre, it is very creative, good job. 10/9 would Toa of Sonics again...

That's REALLY great, I love it. I was going to complain about the colours, because I thought Toa of Sonics were blue, but turns out I was thinking of Psionics. Oops.

I tried making a trumpet as a Toa tool one time, but it didn't go so well...

I'm glad someone went in that direction and had success!

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Well thanks to everyone! I'm glad Desyl was well-received!

That's it! My next MOC will use a guitar as a weapon!

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Just like everyone else I absolutely love the lyre as a weapon. It makes perfect sense for a Toa of Sonics to use an instrument to channel their power, not to mention it looks good too. Besides that, I always love seeing the secondary elements fleshed out.


Love it!

I second this opinion!

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The Huna is a good choice for a De-Toa. I love the lyre, though I thought it was a harp at first. The arms seem a bit short, but other than that the proportions are nicely done. The lack of silver is a tad disappointing, however.

I like this MOC. 8/10. smile


Honestly there are just some MOCs I would want to be a set in my collection, this would be one of them.

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