Deus malum, the drone king

So here’s a MOC that I have been working on and off for the past two weeks, anyhow let’s get to it:

Hey look, surprise! It’s secretly a bioformer, alt:

And the drones:

And now the reason for those is because he has a super mode:

So, thoughts?


I know it’s a bioformer, but it’s still a cluttered mess with horrible proportions and a messy color scheme. Not a fan.


I kinda look like you glued a clump of pieces together for the final combined form. There are way too many revealed ccbs arms and legs. I think that the technic beams take away from the aesthetic, I can’t make out the white robot’s robot mode. The green thing has a questionable crotch and the left-hand looks weird.


But, There is only one set of arms and two sets of legs

It doesn’t have one

Anyhow I’ll begin to fix the problems for this

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Update: v2, so I did some major changes to the MOC, like removing some colors and making the build less bulky.
So the vehicle drones first:
First a weird twin fuselage plane

Next a stealth bomber:

And lastly a futuristic troop transport:

put them together and what have you got?

And pose for the camera!

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Much better


Dude the update’s way better noice job

For the ccbs arms and legs, I mean the revealed ball joints on the back.

The white thing, I meant vehicle mode, not robot mode.

0/10 it ain’t the Glatorian Malum :stuck_out_tongue: