Devil May Cry


So this series is about Dante, a human/demon hybrid who basically is a demon hunter for hire. He also happens to be the son of a demon who rebelled against his kind to help humanity. This has resulted in Dante having to deal with pretty much all of the demon's his father fought.

So far there is 5 games in the series

Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry 2
Devil May Cry 3: Dante's awakening
Devil May Cry 4
And the reboot DMC: Devil May Cry
(also there is a Devil May Cry anime...)

And yes, I have played all of these games (and watched some of the Anime)

Let's discuss away,

oh yes, this edge

I hear it's an alright character action game series full of combos and stuff, but then the reboot happened and then I hear it's pretty bad

No, the reboot isn't bad. It's just a good amount of people are pissed off over how there was no Devil May Cry 5. I'll admit, the reboot had me upset too. But I have played it and I can say it's pretty good. Not as good as the originals (story and game-play wise), but pretty good for what it is.

In short, the reboot is unnecessary.

I got the HD collection.

I can't even beat the first boss.

It's great tho.