Diaa, Predecessor of Light

Hey, peeps! This is a project I spent about six months planning, designing, and building. I hope you all enjoy it!

This is Diaa, a member of a race of titans known as the Predecessors. Diaa is gifted with the power of light, and he believes he was given this power for moral perfection. As such, he saw himself as the only one fit to rule the world, and attempted to overthrow his fellow predecessors. For the full backstory, more pictures, and inspiration behind the build, check out the full album here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/127157515@N07/albums/72157658278652545/with/20573815943/
Also, he has a hammer:

Thanks! This is my first post here, so I hope you like it!

And here his without weapons.


Impressive scale, and I love the unique Purple/White color scheme. Major props for utilizing LEGO system parts with the Bionicle pieces. I'm not noticing anything that sticks out as being obligatorily "bad," so I'd say great job and keep up the good work!

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Plural's Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is Extremely Consistent
  • Loin Cloth looks Loin Clothy
  • Intricate Torso looks Great
  • Greebling on Torso is Great
  • Fin on Back is Meh
  • Not a Fan of the Exposed System Bits
  • The Knee joint causes a rather Meh look, with the segmented legs

I would give this MOC a 9/10.

Fant4stic Job! smile

I would also like to say that your Model will probably appear on Ven's MOC Spotlight, due to its size and stuff. wink


Purple and white. Wow that looks good.
Wing like things look great.
Use of spikes is well done.
System is used a tad too much here.
Hands feel too small.
Feels a little over complex.
7/10-Once you analyze it it becomes less good, but is still presented well.

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-Feet are a little weird. They kinda look like the toa metru wore slippers.
-Strange trans purple bone in the thighs yet I don't see them elsewhere
-Woah, that's a lot of system
-Don't like the fins
-transiton between thigh and lower leg is not good
-Brick built sword. I don't like them in general.

All in all, about an 8.1/10

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Should be:

Great Moc mang, the six months definitely shows!

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TFM Does a Thing!

  • The color scheme is very unique, and though I've tested it, I've never put it on the boards, most likely due to my ever growing need to change my MOCs. Still, good job!
  • I'm sorry, but system never looked good on Technic, Inika, and CCBS.
  • We are not peeps.
  • Wait, what!?!?!?!?!?
    I, without further ado, give you, @MSEP, the TFM Award for Dedication!

Really love the way you used system and technic together, not to mention the way certain textures flow here. My only issue would be that the Tahu Nuva mask looks kinda out of place, perhaps because of how organic it is compared to the more greebily and mechanical torso and limbs.

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It's big.
It's consistent
It's purple and white
White Hau Nuva

Wow, I love that color scheme so much. And the build, and the mask. I can't find anything to complain about here. This is one of my favorite MOCs now.

Looks Great! Now all you need is a little minifig Eren! stuck_out_tongue

  • Colour scheme looks consistent, although trans colours (purple and blue) look out of place.
  • Nice use of system
  • Joints look a bit thin, esp. the knees.
  • Well-built torso, looks quite sturdy.

I'd give an 8/10. Gr8 M8!

whoa, this is pretty great, I love the integration of system and technic

I spent five months on Ek

But that was because I couldn't torso.

It's kinda meh. At first glance it's like "woah" but once you look too far into it...it seriously falls apart. Possibly literally, from how fragile the system looks.


When I saw the title I thought it said Daia
but this is not a Ga Matoran piolting a Mech

this MOC is AWSOME

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Haven't seen Ek yet.

Your a nominee.

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There are actually trans- purple bones on the sides of the lower torso. There are also purple spikes on the back, and all of his hammer modes are trans-purple. (I did not include any pictures of his hammer forms besides the mallet form)

I have heard that from a few other people, too. I don't see the issue with mixing systems of building, but I know not everyone shares that opinion. I was expecting somebody to mention that.

I was concerned about that. I really like the shape, size, and rage feel of the Hau, so that is why I went with that.

There actually is not any trans-blue. It is all trans-purple (save for the eyes), but my blue background made them look more blue than purple.

While some of the fins and details on the upper torso are a fragile, the majority of the build is surprisingly sturdy. The torso is built around a technic skeleton, so it holds together really well. I have actually dropped this MOC before without any damage.

I agree. I tried to figure out a way to cover that up, but I could not find a way without redesigning the legs. I really liked their overall shaping, so I decided to leave that in.

Thanks to all of you for your comments and suggestions. Input is always appreciated. I will keep them in mind during future builds. Thanks!

this is the most beautiful MOC I've ever seen!

This looks amazing!

I remember seeing this on Flickr a while ago

Looks great

I really like that color scheme. I'm not quite sure how I feel on the amount of system parts, but I like the MOC either way.