Diakaiju, TerrorMantis M.O.C

A Robotic combination of a pterodactyl and a praying mantis............ WITH GUNS! But, anyways I apologize for some parts that are not properly colored to match but I tried my best. the raptor is for size comparison only. green is the mantis parts, light blue is the pterodactyl, dark blue is the Guns.


If this is a combination between a Pterodactyl and a Praying Mantis, can you take individual pics that way it would be easier to differentiate the two?

From what I can see, the white on the legs and head stick out a bit, maybe distribute that a little more on it, the lime also needs to be spread more, otherwise, I suggest putting a dark red or silver one instead... Other than that, it's a pretty solid MOC IMO

Hmm.. what Jurassic World set has that Raptor?

None of them
I own the raptor, it was from the 2012 dino line.

Welp, Im asking since some people already have Jurassic World Sets!