Dichotomy. Shadows Large and Small

Aight, so in uh, not really prep, but sorta to tease RoT, I guess, here are some more MOCs from the RoT story, or at least the RoT storyline.

Since I already posted up Nyran, who could be considered the main hero, sorta, I figured I should post up the big bad. Once again, I'll ask that you forgive me for rancid picture quality, and it being too dark.

Behold. Viradox. I wanted to keep the scaly texture that the Kiina fins had, on more parts of him, so that's why all his limbs are Piraka legs. The crown like thing he has is mostly just decorative, giving him a slightly differet, taller, more regal silhouette

Here he is standing forward with no real reason behind any pose. Just looking intimidating. The big Brutaka blades. I know they stick out way to the side. That's intentional, like arm blade fin things. I think they work fine.

I have gotten some pretty cool poses with them, after all.

But yeah, here's just a back view, and I think he's okay from this side. The long silver things made of swords, well...

I was trying to make wings. I don't think they work that well, so if anyone knows how to make wings out of weapon pieces, and make it look good, I'd love to see it. If someone could maybe help me out, that'd be wonderful.

There be the wings on their own. They are easily detached from Viradox's back, for posing and etc.

While his waist can't rotate, or ab crunch, he can do the Matrix. So all is well.

And compared to Generic Inika body. I like his size.

However, this page /is/ named Dichotomy, so lemme show you the other Shadow in this here.

It's Matoran Nyran! He retains his blue eyes, and his Kakama, of course. However, his weapon is very different. It's a shovel that's too big for him. For someone who thinks he's an Onu Matoran, it works, IMO.

I could prolly have given him better arms, but these are okay. Legs are fine, though, so is everything else.

Legs let me do that, after all.

And there's the back. I think it's armored enough.

And with the Generic.

Also, as an added bonus, I made some small updates to Toa Nyran
, so expect pics of that in his own thread.



Great MOC's smile

Viradox: Great MOC, very solid theme.
Some things appeared off when you had it's wings out, but the first picture of his closed figure looked very menacing.

Though, his head seems a bit strange with those horns.

Overall, great MOC with good potential

Nyran: He's so adorable smiley

He is very true to his Toa form.

I like his legs, they make him look more like-able.

Great job! I see great things with where you're going smiley

Once again you used methods that I dread, but pulled them off nicely. I'm too tired to do a formal review, but they both are pretty cool. I especially love matoran Nyran.

Crytell, what methods that you dislike did I use?

Meant to ask earlier, but I forgot.

mainly using the piraka legs as armor and flat armor plates on round legs.