Did anyone actually read the G2 books?

I want to know. If you did, that I wold like to know what you thought of them. I’m also going to make a G2 continuation and I want a basic rundown of them. Also, Flimi is the best character.

Yes and they weren’t that bad

I remember that I’ve read the second one and haven’t read the third. Not sure about the first though.

I’ve read Island of the Lost Masks and Escape from the Underworld.

Has anyone noticed that every bionicle book has an error in it? :stuck_out_tongue:

I got one of them from my school’s bookfair, but only because it came with Ekimu’s protector mask.

The book was meh, and it’s somewhere under my bed now.

I also got this book

@Cordax what do you mean?

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I read one.

I read all three, the third is definitely the best one of them all. Wish we have gotten more, the first book was basically a recap of 2015’s plot, but the other two did a pretty good job at expanding the world and giving more depth to the characters.

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Not only that, it was written based off of the 2015 animation scripts. Most of it is word-for-word, which is actually pretty funny.

Never got around to reading 2 and 3, mostly because I couldn’t find them. Don’t know what it was about 2015-2016 that made ancillary media like the BIONICLE G2 books or the NinjaGo Dark Island trilogy so hard to find.

I read the second and third books, they were alright.

If you’re trying to write a continuation, there’s no substitute for knowing the material yourself.

you’re right, I read them myself.

I’m sorry. All of the characters are from the custom bionicle wiki. A lot of things there are non-canon. I should have payed attention to it.

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I read the first book, it was pretty much just a retelling of the animations with some extra bits added. I liked the interactions between the protectors and toa, especially onua and korgot.

I haven’t read the second book yet but I’m very interested in reading it. I like the idea of a book focusing entirely on the protectors.

I owned all of the chapter books and the graphic novel at some point.

I’m making a fanfiction story where the Masters get killed by the Skull Villains :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

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The second and third book are pretty good. Unfortunately the first impression for a lot of people was a bad one and I think the majority of “fans” didn’t care about the lore outside of Journey to one and The flash like short animations.

To be specific it was the second one.

bada bing bada boom i resurrect this topic from it’s doom.

Read em all I think