Did Anyone Else Like Hero Factory?

My story with Hero Factory is really long, so prepare yourselves.

I first got into constraction figures early 2009, so Bionicle was just ending. Luckily I had enough time to get my first Bioncles, Kopaka, Pohatu, Kirop and Ackar. I didn’t care that much about them, until I got my first Hero Factory set: Thunder. I loved him, and when I looked in the back of the instructions, I saw Furno. He was the Hero. So I took Ackar and pretended he was Furno. And they had many adventures involving brutally attacking each other, and Furno/Ackar would always win.

I collected more 2010 sets afterwards, until I had all the heroes except Breez and Stringer, and all the Villains except Von Nebula and Rotor. I was overwhelmed with this theme. All the Villain’s cool helmets and parts made the Bionicles look like nothing. I eventually got the Rise of the Rookies DVD, where I finally saw the story. From 2.0, I only got three sets, Jetbug, Drilldozer and Nex. They were cool and all, but I didn’t really like the new building system. Savage planet came round, from which I got a single set, Nex 3.0.

It was 2012. The Breakout sets flew into stores. I got two sets first: Jawblade and Rocka. I loved them so much, that I eventually got the whole wave apart from Black Phantom and Speeda Demon.

However, by 2014 I had lost interest. The Brain Attack sets didn’t thrill me. Invasion from below was bad. That’s when I rediscovered Bionicle. And that’s where the story ends. But for me, it was just the beginning.

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Yes. I loved it. I was too young for the early Bionicle so I always preferred hf

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Story wise, Hero Factory could have worked. If LEGO had been smart they could have even pulled the “change to a new hero team” like Bionicle did in some of it’s waves in order to show us different characters and the villains they have to combat. Like one team takes on mostly normal city villains, another team takes on hazardous villains and so on. Then the Break Out wave could have worked as a big event with the different teams having to work together in order to capture all of the different villains, both old and new.

Hero Factory is one of the best themes of all time. When I first got into LEGO in 2010, Bionicle just ended, so I had no interest in it. But, Hero Factory was just starting. I loved the first wave, and I also though the Story was good. At the time, Hero Factory was my favourite theme.
Here arw my thoughts on all waves:

Rise of the Rookies: it was great, still used the old Bionicle parts, the story was good, the sets were fantastic.

Ordeal of Fire: Introduced CCBS, which will change forever how constraction sets are made. I also enjoyed it as much as the first one. Good story, powerfull heroes, Strong Villians, great sets.

Savage Planet: in many ways the sets was similar to Ordeal of Fire, just in a jungle environment. The story was better then the one from Ordeal of Fire, so that’s a pro. But I liked them as much as the prievous wave.

Breakout: The best of Hero Factory. The story was the best one in the entire theme, the sets were bigger, and better. The only thing I didn’t like is that it removed canisters, and introduced that odd bags. But overall, Breakout was the best wave from the entire theme.

Brain Attack: While the sets were not as good as other waves in my opinion, the story was still interesting. I didn’t get any sets from this wave, for this reason. Still a good wave though, just not as good as the others.

Invasion from Below: The story was bad, and that is what probably ruined it. But the sets were actually pretty good. (Better then Brain Attack in my opinion). And this new concept of the Heroes being minifigure sized also was pretty cool. I got plenty of sets from this wave. It was good, just the story was bad.

Final thoughs: while inferior to Bionicle, Hero Factory was definitely something that should be remembered. I still have the Canisters from the first three waves, which I use to storage pieces. I think Hero Factory is a little bit underrated. The story was still good, and more accessible then Bionicle, which was mostly told trough books. Hero Factory is a theme that I will always remeber, no matter what people say. That is all I had to say.

My brother and I both were really into it when it was around