Did Mata Nui's lack of attention spark the rebellions against him?

Actually these are three questions. I’ll try to keep it short.

So, it is said that when Mata Nui left Spherus Magna shortly before the Shattering, he was meant to study other worlds before returning and restoring Spherus Magna. He got distracted by this task and stopped paying much (if any) attention to the Matoran Universe.

My questions are:

  1. Did certain beings with close ties to the Great Spirit know that he stopped paying attention? (for example the Barraki, Artakha, Tren Krom or the Makuta (or at least Miserix and Teridax))

  2. Was the increasing involvement of the Brotherhood of Makuta (which originally was only meant to create Rahi) in politics under Miserix’s rule due to the fact that Miserix felt that if the Great Spirit didn’t do his job, someone else had to do it for him?

  3. Assuming Teridax did know that Mata Nui ignored his people - might one of his motivations to seize control of the Matoran Universe have been that he simply didn’t see a reason why the Makuta should serve a Great Spirit who didn’t care? That the Makuta were already doing more things for the Matoran than the Great Spirit and thus deserved to rule?



That last question tho. It’s a really good one, it could make the makuta unwanted heroes.


Wasn’t one of the rules that you could ask one question per topic?

I would not say he got “distracted by his task,” anymore than you get distracted by work or school. How often do you worry about, say, how your spleen is doing today, or what’s going on with your red blood cells, unless you are sick? You probably don’t. Neither did Mata Nui.

  1. See above. Mata Nui was doing what he was supposed to do.
  2. No. Mata Nui was not supposed to be dealing with the internal politics of his body. There wasn’t even supposed to BE internal politics in his body, that was Velika’s fault.
  3. Again, no. Makuta wanted to seize power because he wanted adulation and worship and yes, praise for the work he did. He didn’t appreciate the fact that, like the Matoran, he was just one more cog in the machine, a machine that served a greater purpose. Mata Nui’s job was to do something that would be of benefit to the GBs, the Agori and the Glatorian – not the Matoran or the Toa.