Did matoran live in the great spirit prototype?

I have been wondering something for a while: when the great spirit prototype was built, did the great beings build matoran to inhabit the robot?


I assume that there were Matoran in it, bu they weren’t sapient like Velika’s.

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According to the BS01 article on the Prototype Robot:

“The prototype was fully mechanical and incorporated none of the nanotechnology used in the Great Spirit Robot.”

I think that means there weren’t any Matoran in it, but it’s a little vague. Also, it’s good to keep in mind that the Prototype Robot malfunctioned and exploded shortly after it was first activated…if there were any Matoran in it at the time, I doubt they made it out alive.


The quote Toa Heatwave cited does refer to the fact that, no, there were not Matoran in the prototype.