Did Seeker ever find the Rahaga?

Seeker was a member of the Dark Hunters only so he could find the Rahaga. Is he aware they were transformed back into Toa Hagah, and if so, does he continue to hunt them on Spherus Magna?

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He didn’t want the Rahaga. He wanted the Avohkii.

He is more likely to go after Takanuva now.


According to the wiki, Seeker doesn’t know about that the Rahaga transforming back nor that they don’t even have the Mask anymore. The Shadowed One actively keeps that information from him.

Joining the Dark Hunters seems to be a terrible way to achieve life goals.


Yes, this information actually came from Seeker’s profil from the BIONICLE: Dark Hunters, page 59.
If Seeker had ever found the Rahaga and the Avohkii, he would have left the Dark Hunters, and the TSO would have had Seeker killed. But Seeker is efficient, so the TSO withholds the information from him.

True, but the Battle of Bara Magna and subsequent destruction of the Matoran Universe seems to have created major upheaval which has allowed some dark hunters to see past the Shadowed One’s deceptions (for example, Farshtey believes that Mimic will eventually find his friend). During the evacuation of the Matoran Universe, would Seeker have recognized the Toa Hagah, etc?