Did Someone Say Gamma Gali?

I’m sorry, but I had to.

First image is her, second is her pose from the leaked display, third is her trident.

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I think it was Gamma Gali actually…

It goes Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Omega (for our Toa at least).

Omega Tahu, Alpha Kopaka, Beta Gali, Gamma Pohatu, Delta Lewa, Epsilon Onua.


I heard it was Omega Tahu, Alpha Kopaka, Gamma Gali, Theta Lewa (Epsilon makes more sense though), Delta Onua, and Beta Pohatu. I’m splitting hairs though I spose.

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Zeta Takanuva?

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Already done.

I’d had him built a while back, so here ya go.

*Gamma Gali

Apparently it is Gamma. I’ll change the title.

Omega Tahu
Gamma Gali
Theta Lewa
Alpha Kopaka
Delta Onua
Beta Pohatu
Über Takanuva
Together, they are… the Toa Üba!

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I just found this post again and it really takes me back………… to last year.