Did Thanos kill you?

I did this back after IW, and lived.

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Alas, I have been slain :stuck_out_tongue:

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Mr @Toa_Vladin I don’t feel so good

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You’re all right, kid.

Fun thing about randomness - it only evens out at large scales. So with small samples, like the number of people here on the boards, it can seem to not be truly random, with tendencies one way or another. But, as the number of trials gets bigger and bigger, it’ll start evening out. Statistics is weird like that.


Theoretical v.s. experimental probability.

I too was spared after Infinity War was released.

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I was spared surprisingly.

I am just dust on the wind…


I got spared

probably some perk I got

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Tried it.


I was spared.

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So, fellow Spared, what are we going to do about all the Snapped?

I just realized that that could make an interesting RP


Yeah, only that me and the other dusted victims would just… Watch you till the end.

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I survived.

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After @Traykar 's post we had only spares! Seriously, this Infinity Gauntlet seems to wipe out only a quarter of the universe!

Perhaps not everyone who clicked the link posted their result or kept clicking until they got a result they wanted?

I tried clicking more times but I got the same result

(shrugs) Well, there goes that theory.

Did this back when Infinity War came out…

For all his power, Thanos could not kill me. I therefore declare myself Emperor of the Universe. Kneel before me, peasants!

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