Did the Toa Hagah always wear the same masks?

So, it’s well established by now that most of the Toa Hagah wear special Kanohi that are shaped like other masks as gifts from their former teammates when they were first chosen as Toa Hagah. But I’ve been wondering, did these special masks have the same powers as their original masks?

For example, Norik wears a Pehkui shaped like a Kiril. Was Norik’s original mask a standard-shaped Pehkui, or a different mask entirely?


Their original mask powers were different, though there has been some confusion about this due to half-contextualized questions:

In July of 2014, Greg stated that the Hagah did have the same mask powers as Matoran (and presumably pre-Hagah Toa).

But then, in December of the same year, another user pointed out to Greg that other sources said the masks were different, and Greg intentionally changed it to the masks being different.

The final answer is that the Hagah’s current mask powers are different from the ones they had as Matoran (and probably as pre-Hagah Toa). This is the answer currently on BS01.

(Although I have to wonder: if you’re changing your mask power anyways, why not have it match the new shape?)

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Hmm. Well, it’s said and done, I suppose, but I really don’t like that answer, especially given that neither of those old questions provide all the information. The first one doesn’t mention their mask switch, as pointed out, but the second one is also half-contextualized. It doesn’t bring up the unique shapes of the masks, which was the reason they were gifted, hence why you’d give someone a mask they already had. Like Greg said in his answer there, he can’t be expected to provide an accurate response if he isn’t presented with all the facts, which he wasn’t in either case.

I’ve always figured the Hagah’s new masks retained their powers, and I think I’ll probably stick with that headcanon/au, simply because it makes the most sense to me. As you pointed out, why go for a random power/shape combination if you’re going for a new power anyway? The Hagah carrying over their old powers, ones they’d be skilled in using at that point, seems like the more effective choice.

But canon is canon unless stated otherwise, I guess. Thanks.

I mean, masks have switched with little justification throughout the story at large right? The Toa Inika received different masks from Karzahni and then upon becoming Toa Mahri, their masks and mask powers changed drastically.

The “problem” isn’t that the Hagah switched masks, it’s more to do with the shape.

The Mahri exchanged mutated-standard masks for mutated-standard masks of different powers; the new powers matched the new shapes.

The thing that doesn’t make sense with the Hagah is that they intentionally changed their mask shapes to honour heroes, and they also intentionally changed their mask powers, yet they chose to have the new powers not match the new shapes.

If you’re going to change your powers anyways, why introduce the confusion of non-matching shapes?

Or if the Hagah insisted on having non-matching shapes, then why would they also change their power? Why not just stick with the power that they had experience with?

My thoughts exactly. Besides, in the case of the Mahri, both mask switches were involuntary, forced upon them. The Hagah’s masks were gifts, tailored specifically for them, that they chose to wear. Why give someone, your teammate and likely your friend, a brand new mask with a specially-chosen shape but a random power? Why not carry over their old mask power, which they would be skilled at using, and is likely tied up in their identity?

This is a good point, and it could potentially give us some insight into why the masks might be different.

It is never made explicitly clear how much of the mask-and-armour decisions were made by the Hagah themselves vs. their teammates vs. the Makuta, but the Makuta would certainly have motivation to change their masks.

Karzahni has shown us that, for many Matoran and Toa, Kanohi are part of their identity. By taking away that identity, the Makuta take their Hagah one step closer to being more of a cohesive, loyal, team.

But, even if we assume that the Makuta were involved in picking the new mask shapes, and they made this decision to remove the team’s individuality, it still doesn’t explain why the new powers wouldn’t match the new shapes.

Why make things complicated?

The Hagah changed mask powers to new ones to fit their new team.
They picked shapes to honour pest heroes.
And only iruini found a hero whose mask power he decided to use.

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Because apparently we can’t help ourselves :confused: