Did Toa/Turaga lhikan kill himself in LoMN

Im not sure if this has been brought up in discussion before (probably) but could Lhikan of had killed himself in the movie. mainly due to the fact of this bit of info. A Matoran without there mask would after a while go into a coma like state or die, Toa would just get dizzy and be considerably weaker. And so far I havnt seen any thing that states what would happen when a turaga loses there mask. So when lhikan gave his mask to vakama could that of have been the true thing that did him in? Please note that I’m just pointing this out as a THEORY! and to bring discussion.

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He gave his mask to Vakama because he knew he was going to die after taking a blow from Teridax. Regardless if he removed his Kanohi or not, he knew his fate wasn’t going to be changed.

I hadn’t thought of that, but there is another possibility: taking off the mask killed him, but if he hadn’t, he’d’ve lived, but in some terrible state (i.e. partially paralyzed) So he just decided to die.

However, Dume was in a canister for a long time without his mask (though it’s possible Makuta gave him another mask to keep him alive, or being in stasis kept him alive)

Here’s a thought: Jovan survived Voya Nui’s upheaval, but his mask broke, so he wound up dying.

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I’d say that all Matoran subtypes (Toa, Turaga, etc.) eventually die from lack of a mask, but it takes longer depending on which subtype they are. For example, maybe Toa do actually slip into a coma and die a while later after losing their mask, but it just takes much longer. I’d say it’s similar to not eating or drinking.

Matoran go into a coma-like state without their mask after a while and a Toa’s power is only halved without a mask.
I dunno about Turaga though.


But have we seen any Toa without their masks for more than a couple days?

No, but it doesn’t really matter if we have or haven’t. Canonically, Toa only lose about half their power without a mask, so there’s no real debate there.

The point is we haven’t seen Toa without their masks or something similar for long enough to see if they would survive or not. I mean, it’s been ten minutes max.

Turaga without their Kanohi feel very much like Toa when they aren’t wearing Kanohi, except the effects are more severe.

Though out the story there has been only one event where Toa had there mask of for days and that was in the book inferno where the Toa Nuva had there masks off for days and even were draining their own elemental energy due to the Piraka enslaving them to do so from the Antidermis. So from what I read out of it Toa will be ok with it for a few days without a mask on.


Somebody always gets to the point first don’t they .-.

Since this question has been answered, this topic can be closed yes?

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