Difia the Mistress of the Marakai

Since its the month of stone im going to be making some throughout September an something else . ENJOY Whaddon

“Call us Mercenaries, Call us The True Rulers of the Greatlands. We prefer the Unbreakable Gauntlet over our Adversaries”

Name: Difia
Element: Stone
Occupation: Chief of the Marakai
In the Greatlands a giant Desert which only the Strongest live Rest the Marakai. The Marakai are are a group of Po-Matoran and TOA Living in the Harsh Desert Guided by their Chief Difia. She Leads her TOA into new Places to try and Live.
She Now Helps Any TOA She Can and Searching For Treasure with Her TOA Who she Calls Her Brothers
“I am TOA my Allies who stand beside me are also TOA

Close Up



Her Weapon of choice is a Chakram which she use like a Warrior in Battle


Okay, a couple of things.

  1. It could use some grey of silver or some other color then yellow/keetorange. Whichever it is.
  2. Chakram’s a bit too big. Try using the smaller version of those blades if you have them.
  3. A bit bland. Again more color.

I’ve added some silver armour onto the legs and made the Chakram Smaller and Symmetrical


Plural’s Quick Review:

  • The Yellow and Keetorange are Meh
  • A bit boring Build-Wise
  • Back Coverage is Meh

I would give this MOC a 6/10.

Needs a Bit of Work :wink:

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I love that spinny-blade-thing, it’s awesome. I’m not a fan of the upside down armour on the back, though.

No! It looked so good before!

I like how you’re trying to make stone mocs for stone month!


It looks pretty good.

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Pretty simple. Not bad, but not really that creative or impressive. I’m gonna give this a 5.5/10.

She definitely looks better.

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