Digital Helryx with Mask

Although I liked Gavla’s mask on its own, and with certain mocs, I think KhingK’s mask of Psychometry is the most appropriate fit to this model. It fits the old technic Mata vibe better as well as the hunched old lady bit.

As you can see, the proper mace isn’t available on stud,io and the ribbed hoses don’t bend. I had to use smoothe ones. But you get the idea.

For anyone who was concerned this model didn’t look frail enough, you should know it’s held together by prayers and spite. If you tipped this thing over, let alone dropped it, it would shatter like a tarantula. I’m surprised the arms don’t fall off under their own weight.

I just turned collisions off and stuck the hoses into the mask. Maybe if we ask real nice, KhingK will make us a version with hose holes.

More pictures


That looks great!

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