Direct to DVD Disney Sequels

I also saw that movie when I was a little child multiple times. I might re-watch it soon enough. From what I remember it was not really about Atlantis, but it was still a decent movie, from what I can remember.

And it's a indeed a little surprising that Atlantis got a sequel, since the original movie is pretty underrated. Thanks for reminding me of it though.

All of the Buddies movies, are sequels to Airbud, and it’s whole little body of sequels.

Cash grab

As weird as it sounds, I kinda have a odd “nostalgia” for those cash-grab sequels…

I am not going to lie, I loved those as a kid.

As did i.

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Well, I would mention The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride and The Lion King 1½, but they were both already mentioned here. Yet, I’ll discuss them both anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride:
Unlike quite a few people, I actually liked this one; it had a fairly good plotline, though the songs weren’t as good as the original’s (especially “One of Us”; it seemed out of place). It’s a shame that it’s not part of Disney’s Animated Canon (nor are all the other Direct-to-DVD sequels…).

The Lion King 1½:
Okay, I personally think this one was just as good as the original (though it’s not exactly a sequel; it’s a prequel/“interquel”). The plotline was great, and it explained quite a bit of information that the original left out (ie. Timon’s backstory). Not to mention, the songs were pretty good too. Again, this movie is not part of Disney’s Animated Canon…

Aside from those two movies, I don’t think I’ve seen too many of the Direct-to-DVD sequels (though I seem to recall that Aladdin had a couple sequels).

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That movie is just so funny. It would easily be in the Top 10 Funniest Disney movies, along movies such as Emperor’s New Groove.
Not to mention, the animation looks amazing, especially when you consider the movie’s very low budget.

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