Disabilities for matoran

As far as mental disabilities go, I don’t think it would be a very great idea, especially if it’s for no other reason than to be relatable. Basically what Doot said:

However, that being said, I would very much like to see physical disabilities in Matoran, and seeing how they can overcome them with the resources that exist within the BIONICLE universe.

Imagine a Toa whose legs were paralyzed, so they use a Miru to levitate as a means of getting around, or a blind Toa with the Arthron a la Daredevil.

Implementing physical disabilities could open up possibility for some creative ideas and unique character traits. And overall, giving a character a physical disability and a clever way to overcome it has much less potential for controversy; Not to mention the risk of misrepresenting a mental disability and offending those who actually have it.


Perhaps, so long as they really convincingly overcome it. But, should also remember that a lot of the characters that have been discussed so far are fighters and elites, who would not have their positions if they couldn’t perform at a peak level.

As for PTSD, it wouldn’t really fit with the setting. In real life, soldiers get PTSD because how far removed modern warfare is from the “natural” state of conflict which the human brain is evolved to cope with, but this wasn’t really a problem in more primitive societies.

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That’s true, but regardless; trauma and mental illnesses are difficult to write into this story without getting too dark for younger audiences. It’d be best to avoid it as to not risk writing something that could come off as offensive, inaccurate, or too morose.


I want to see this in a BIONICLE fanfic now.


I want this.

That is true, but there is always the possibility of sustaining severe injuries considering how dangerous a job it is being a Toa.

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Fair enough.

Some matoran may have a role model of those whom have worked past their disabilities.