Disciple of the storm

he has the power of the storm so he can control ice, water, wind and lightning. he can not directly control the weather but he can strengthen it or reduce it's power.

his blizzard shield spins really fast. and can blow away some projectiles.
the tip of his sword can shoot lightning.

backview with gear:

he also has trowing stars.

the tornado in his chest is the source of his power. he has a gear function. when you turn it the tornade spins with his sword arm.

for the people who are not a fan of the inika heads you can imagine kopaka nuva's head on him. it was the only other head that was big enough and also worked with the color scheme and figure


his.. aesthetics and some of his.... well, anatomy seems funny. Good moc though

That function sounds so...beautiful. Also, good job on the sword. However, I do agree with JMP. Some of his proportions are a bit off, especially in the tornado chest.

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The function does sound awesome.

Really messy. Love the concept though.

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Arms and legs leave ALOT to be desired, but the torso is very cool and unique


@TheMatoroMovement found a homie, it seems.

Said disciple looks good. I am assuming that this is a new species and that is the average look of said species. Also, he is a no-name brand MOC. That's cool too.

As a side note, this is my 1111st post on the boards. 1111 posts in 5 months, 2 days. I have no life.



(Love the colors too)

i like the legs

I don't like those hands stuck_out_tongue

you can't have that opinion stuck_out_tongue

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I think he needs a neck.

Overall, really, it's a MOC I want to like but that has a bunch of glaring design flaws (which I can expound on later.)

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An Ek neck? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh boy, what to say about this MOC...

First of all, he needs more white in his upper body, colour scheme is inconsistent otherwise.

His thighs are extremely skeletal looking, especially in relation to his gargantuan torso.

His arms are way too skinny, and all of those joints don't look like they help much with posing.

However, I do like his torso design and the way you integrated the function into it.


Bulky, but uses teh iden 10/10. Now go rek them skrubs.