Discolorations or production error?

Hello there!

So the other day i started to clean my bionicle collection when i found that one of the foot and leg pieces for Lewa Nuva was a darker green and lime than the other leg and foot on him.

So what do you think is this discoloration or an production error? or has it something to do with where the parts were made? also should i try the hydrogen peroxid solution to fix it or not?

If you don’t know about the hydrogen peroxid solution then here is a video about it for ya.


It looks like discoloration to me, but it could be a production error I suppose.

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Did you discover this after you used the peroxide? If not, try using Jang’s method. Just the same though, I discovered the same thing with my Kopaka Nuva and Mata sets. The peroxide helped a little bit (I have to look pretty hard to notice it).


Well Spartan_0185 i have not used the hydrogen peroxide solution because i don’t know if it is discolortion or not and i don’t wan’t to make the problem worse. But i could try the hydrogen peroxide just have to wait and see more opinions on the subject first.

It doesn’t look like discoloration, as the shown colors are more solid and don’t show any traces of having a previous shade. So I’d say it could be a production error, or Lego just got the shades off when remolding the pieces.

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Ask Jang.

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Yeah might work

Heres a little update on this subject i found more lime pieces on lewa that was a darker color.

So asked jang on youtube did not get answer from him thou
"Swedish Bionicle reviewer yes its. just not as noticeable. I left some Lego models in my window sill. and the side facing the window was slightly a different color then the side that wasint." says AngryPyroBadger.

Still not sure if i want to use the Hydrogen peroxide solution or not what do you think?

You could put them in the solution, but for a shorter amount of time. Most people put it in for about 3+ days, but you could put them in and keep checking, if you’re worried.

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okay yeah that might work still concerned thou.

I have found that certain pieces when colored in pearl light grey look darker or lighter depending on the type of plastic thats been used for its creation,

Knights Kingdoms 2 line had those large armor pieces in that color, but its color closely resembles Flat silver. Now if you took any 2008 pearl light grey piece, you will see that it doesnt match with that Knights Kingdoms one.

There are also differences between the colors of system and technic parts for flat silver and pearl light grey.

Well yes I’m aware of these kinds of color errors thou. I found that my Gali Nuva lims was discolored and it wasn’t to diffrent from how the Lewa limb looked but the problem could still orginate from the same cause if you ask me.