Dishonored Discussion

So I didn’t see one of these topics when I was looking through so this may be a repeat.
Anyone pretty darn excited for Dishonored 2? I think we should discuss it.

What’s your favorite murder magic 'n such?

You worried or excited for the Dishonored 2?

(Hashtag)TeamCorvo or (Hashtag)TeamEmily?

I for one am a filthy non-lethal scrub so I guess I would use knockout magic?


Loved the first Dishonored, and I’m very excited for Dishonored 2! Personally it’s the most anticipated game this year for me, and I can’t wait to play it.

When I played Dishonored I opted for a stealthy playthrough and while I was not above killing guards when necessary, I did take care to dispatch of the main targets non-lethally. I enjoyed playing like that last time, so I think that’s how Dishonored 2 will go for me.

The magic I used the most though were the Blink ability, but it so useful anyway regardless of playstyle (unless you opt to not use any powers at all).

As for which team, I’m undecided as of yet, however I’m kinda leaning more towards TeamEmily for my first playthrough since she seems very cool. Corvo is also cool and all, so it will be interesting to see how he as evolved now that he has his own voice this time.


Awesome. What are you most excited for the in the next game?

Right now I’m trying to do a shadow run (wish me fortune,) wile also trying to get the majority of achievements. I recently got the definitive edition at my local GameOver 'cause it was cheaper than buying the all DLC.

Anyone a fan of Knife of Dunwall/Brigmore Witches? I think I enjoyed playing as Daud more than I did Corvo (although that might just be because I wasn’t fully used to the mechanics until I finished the main game).

I have tried my best not to be, as i have nothing that is capable of running it.

I cant wait to go through the Brigmore Witches. I got the Knife of Dunwall on a sale but forgot to grab the Brigmore DLC. Since I have all of them with my game of the year edition I cant wait to see the conclusion. You hoping they bring Daud back in the second game?

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I’d love to see Daud come back, but that would mean confirming or denying a ‘canon’ ending for him in the first game and the DLCs, so I doubt it would happen.

I got that game and only got to play it briefly at my cousin’s house, but it was a ton of fun.

I bought the first one for $13 in a steam sale quite a while ago and never finished it.

It is very fun, but I did restart, trying not to kill anyone, because my friend said I wouldn’t like the ending if I did…

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I would say I’m most excited about immersing myself in the world, that was one of the key things I loved about the first game so I expect to get more out of that.

And those segments where you can switch between the past and present seems really cool as well.

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I have the first one
Im not very far into it though

Play it bro, play it.

Heck yeah! # teamcorvo

Forgot to do this but they already confirmed he was spared.

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