Disney Infinity

Disney attempt to join the Toys-to-Life genre with the inclusion of Marvel and Lucas Film.
Just to be aware, I don’t own the game since it didn’t grab my interest aside from being a creative hub. Beside, im already apart of the Dimensions community. :astonished:
The only reason I created this topic because I heard its about to be discontinued.


Dimensions is expected to last a while so maybe I can hope for Marvel and star wars getting added to that.

All My marvel versus DC dreams are coming true.


They’re discontinuing it? Awww…

Then again I don’t really care for it.


This blog post confirms that Disney Infinity is indeed now dead


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I really like the figures. The style they have is really cool. I’d love to get one or two just to display.

I have mix feeling for the appearance, I heard they improve from 1.0 to 3.0 in-game but the figures that are based on real life actors looks odd with their rectangular shaping.