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This is a topic for the new Disney movie, Moana. Surprisingly, my theatre was playing it yesterday. Though it wasn't advertised at the front yet, my family was able to see it.

I was surprised how many references there were to the Maori culture, and though probably unintentional, it also shared ties with Bionicle.

What do you think? Share below!


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I plan on seeing it eventually.


I'd like to see it at some point soon. Don't believe I'll see it soon.

Ever since I saw the trailer, I've wanted to see it.
Although, I'm going to wait for it to go to a second run theater.
Whenever that is.

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Is it bad that I couldn't care less for this movie?

Even if I did care about this I'd say no because you actually used "couldn't care less" properly.



The most memorable part of the trailer was that they used "Come Sail Away." Still looks interesting though, and I bet I'll see it eventually.

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Lin manuel miranda worked on the soundtrack.

I need it.

Just saw it it was pretty good, I liked the rock as maui he's a good actor and his song was pretty great. I didn't like the song that crab sang though, felt really out of place. The animation was beautiful as usual. The instrumentals scores where quite awesome, the story was pretty simple felt it could of used some more depth or variety. Was the name of there home Island Mata Nui or Motu Nui?

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I'm pretty sure it was Motunui.

I FINALLY SAW IT! I've been wanting to see this thing forever. While sadly I never got to see it in theaters while it was all shiny and new, I still loved every moment of it. Now I was a little skeptical at first, but I decided to jump down the metaphorical rabbit hole, not knowing how far I’ll go, and man do I not regret it. Its an amazing movie that I cannot recommend enough, no matter where you are. I love all of the songs, the animation, the characters, the style, and especially the humor. Of all the fictional chickens I have ever seen, Heihei is my favorite. If I did have one complaint though, its that the pig was extremely overplayed in advertising given how much screen time he actually has. One of my favorite scene would without a doubt the kakamora scene. I love it when they show up in the giant ship the size of a small island, that actually splits up into three ships, and they all have massive awesome drums and spears and its Mad Max but in the middle of the ocean!

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Just saw it for the second time, now that it's on iTunes. Man, this movie is really good. Funnily enough, when I saw it in theaters, I had no idea it was a musical going in. But holy heck, this movie has some amazing music. Got the soundtrack stuck in my head.

i mean, it is a Disney movie


Zootopia wasn't a musical.

think about it, the main characters of this movie go to return a thing that will awaken this great god like being that will restore piece to their world, kinda like, Mata Nui and the mask of life, I doubt this was intentional but I also kept thinking they were saying Mata Nui in a weird way, bu I think they were saying Mota nui as their home island.

I couldn't get Bionicle out of my mind while I was watching this movie, kinda ruined the experience for me.


Huh. I guess I didn't complain about this yet. I suppose some spoilers may be found ahead.

I saw this movie, and while ago. I definitely enjoyed the film, but there was this one big problem. Critiquing movies isn't really my specialty, so I'm not entirely sure what to call it, but I think it's something like pacing. This movie has a lot of ideas, good ideas, almost too many for a single film. The singing is inconsistent, with a whole bunch towards the start, then nothing, until the end with the reprised thing. The little pirate dudes are going after the hook, because everybody wants it, yet, that one brief scene is all we get off this idea. Then there are the visuals. On Motunui you have this beautiful Polynesian design, then when you meet Maui you take a dip into cartoon land, with Tamatoa you get wierd neon land, and, going back to the little pirates, it is this rough, almost Mad Max (Fury Road) like design.

The whole film just feels... off.

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I can definitely agree with you there. I really would have liked it if the kakamora got some more time, or if we spent some more time in monster land. (I forgot what its called)

Well that was just for the one song, so I think its fine. It meant to stick out. They even played with it a bit where Maui gives Moana cartoon stuff, but when we come back to the real world, its actually a bunch of rocks, shells, and seaweed. Though this does raise a few questions. Like, is Maui able to induce druggy hallucinations with the power of song?

Again, it was just for the one part of the one song, but seeing as its not as significant, and still takes place in the same plain of reality, I can see where you're coming from. Also, that's another thing that need more time. I really did like Tamatoa's character, but he really didn't get enough attention. He's played up as Maui's great rival, but all we get from him is a few lines, a reason for Maui not to have his hook, and a pretty good song. Also, as a bit of a side note, did anyone else notice when Maui and Moana leave, Tamatoa says "Did you like the song?" I don't know about you, but I really liked that.

Well that was probably intentional, seeing as the entire scene was a reference to it.

That is entirely my problem.

I'm not saying you are wrong, but do you have a source for this?

Well, I watched it yesterday and I liked it quite a bit. I do think thevpacing was a bit off, and the cliches were there, but I really liked it quite a bit. Especially Tamatoa. He was the best character.

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