Disuku,toa of gravity

Another toa for Ghosty's team

This guy uses special disks that allow the portion of his body they're on to control gravity
Ex: if he generates them on his feet he can walk on the ceiling,etc.

More pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/129742974@N03/albums/72157658970581590


This is great! But I always thought that toa of gravity were big hulking dudes with huge weapons so this is a bit weird for me, it is great none the less but it feels like if you had a giant hulk like toa of water, so I would give it a 7/10 it is good but not what I would think a toa of gravity would be like


Uh. I just imagine them as skinny basic-looking toa.


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R.I.P. Back Shots.

I really like it. Good looking color scheme, nice trans-clear disks, creative build. Down with Toa stereotypes, I say, Ba-Toa can be skinny if they want!

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But my MOCs always look so horrible from the back...

@Windfall Thank you!

This is an awesome idea.

As for the MOC itself, its rather simple though the effect the wheels give him really make him stand out.

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Thanks a lot @Stoax! c:

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Nice MOC! I love the giant wheel on the back--it gives of a cool vibe. And I like the torso's shape and construction.

Have you thought about adding melee weapons? I think the Gorast wing blades would look really cool on this guy...but it's up to you, of course!

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Oh my god that would be amazing.
But sadly i don't have any of them,and i don't wanna make a whole Bricklink order just to get some.


Ah, I see...

Of course, the MOC doesn't suffer from lacking them! I forgot to mention that I like your choice of using light blue instead of purple. A lot of Gravity Toa (mine included) look strange because of the mix of purples, which can't be avoided, so I like your use of a similar, but more common color.

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Well thanks again.

I really like the idea.

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That power is really clever, and I love this build! It's always nice to see a Ruru as well. :smile:

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looks pretty good/

I'm not really a fan of the clear pieces, though


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Are those..trans..clear..pulley pieces...?

...excuse me, Entropy calls for a bricklink order.

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