Dividing by Zero

Yeah, I’m perfectly fine ending it here as it is a huge pain to respond to 10 replies all day.

One last thing @Traykar don’t become a politician.

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What does that have to do with anything?


Why does this topic exist.


I think I see what you mean. In math contexts, to get one (1) whole amount of pizza, you must divide it by one (1). In the real world, one (1) cut will always result in two (2) halves (1/2s) of pizza. This is where you believe math fails to represent reality, no?

Edit; I just read @BrickfilmNut’s post, which seems like the only way to make this math practical, and therefore, this math is practically meaningless, I guess, but no less true.

So another topic was formed, another belittling argument was had, and once again fragile prides were injured and need antibacterial cream and a pound puppies band-aid. I’m not old you’re old

Arguments and debates can occur without… Catfights. Without insisting that you (not necessarily you Cronk) can speak with bigger and smarter words than everyone else. It’s just kind of sickening to have to see it happen again and again, and maybe next week it’ll happen again.

Moral of the story, Math applies to real world squabbles very well.

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Hello everyone.

I’ve been watching the topic since it was made, figuring this was going somewhere I wasn’t gonna be happy with… and I was right. Come on, guys. It’s math.

So, for the time being, I’m leaving it and the individuals who have conversed alone. However, I’m gonna remind everyone to read our Message Board rules, specifically the Behavioral Rules.

Finally, @Krelikan, don’t start a discussion topic when you aren’t prepared to get an answer you don’t like and then go and insult the participants. You’re awfully close to getting a warning just for that.

Everyone may continue, but we will continue to watch.


Yeah I get that this was heated but I’m just not convinced by the counter arguments that were presented. The reason I rejected the answers was due to me not being convinced not of spite. Also being treated as if I was the only one who had insulted someone. There was more and harsher insults thrown at me than anyone else.

The correct response is “Sorry, won’t happen again. I’ll read the rules to make sure I’m adhering to them.”

You’re welcome to send to me the posts I may have missed, but that doesn’t negate your participation in the mudslinging. Reason I mention you is because you started the topic.


You know what, I will apologize for my actions. I know that I can get too into stuff like this and I should work on that.


I was more trying to insist that worth doesn’t come from usefulness or progression, that’s all. :slight_smile: That’s more of a philosophical question though, which I admit is off-topic.

And I don’t mean to brag with big words, I just use them to get my idea across in the most concise manner I can. I’ve gotten used to it in college, I suppose it’s translating here.


All this topic has taught me is that Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Mathematics are two different things that still make zero sense to me.

I’ll be over here crying over my accounting coursework. Hey @Waj wanna do all this for me? XD


wake me up when we start debating imaginary numbers,
at least those are fun


I used an analogy of pens on a table.
We want to divide these pens into zero groups, how many are in each group? There can’t be any to fill the groups as there are no groups, so you flip the table over and your girlfriend gets mad at you


wouldn’t have gotten a degree in it if it wasn’t

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I JUST SOLVED IT! When you divide something by zero, there are zero groups, but there is still some numbers left, meaning there is a remainder, so as an example, you have 8 slices of pizza but you put them in 0 groups so, there se 8 slices left meaning that the awnser is 0r8. If this is wrong please tell me

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Yeah that’s wrong. An interesting idea, but wrong nonetheless. Unless you’re doing some weird higher-level maths that are beyond me, dividing by zero is undefined and not allowed.


yeah, but if you divide something into zero groups, than you still have a number left that you need to use, so its left as a remainder because it is what is REMAINING after you divide the number into zero groups (which is nothing)

This video explains it using simple math. You just cannot divide by zero in the traditional sense (which is what is being discussed, as far as I can tell) without undermining literally everything humanity knows about mathematics.

edit: just realized there was an entire argument above me, lmk if anyone wants me to remove this comment for being belligerent.


My think is clogged…


I want to do that

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