Do all Titan Species belong to one kind?

NOTE: By using the term “Titan”, I refer to sets like Axonn&Brutaka, Hydraxon, Sidorak, Krekka etc. Aside from the ones, whose origins were already explained canonically.

  1. Are species of these individuals sharing similarities in terms of origins?
  2. Are all of them made by the Mata Nui?
  3. Is Axonn made by The Great beings, or he and his Species created by the Great Spirit?

This is an interesting question, I hope he’ll be able to answer it…

Axonn is his own entity, Hydraxon is his own entity, and any other Titan sets are members of different species, even Brutaka. Axonn was created by the Great Beings as he was a member of the Hand of Artakha, which predated Mata Nui by a fair bit.

As for the other question - how many of them were made by Mata Nui - Hydraxon and Axonn were not and Teridax was. The rest we can assume Mata Nui made, but Greg might say otherwise.



i have no idea just guessing

Interesting question, I have always wondered about it.
There are all those islands in the Legs, is tht where those species come from?
What is their purpose in GSR body? What do they do on daily basis? What is their culture like? Are whole species hostile, like their representatives we know as villains? Or are those only evil individuals?

I’ll circle back to this with quotes, but Axonn and Hydraxon were melbers of species as well, despite predating Mata Nui.

If I understand correctly, Greg never actually said “every single titan belongs to a totally unique species.” Rather, BS01 lists them all as their own species because their species’ identity wasn’t specified at any point. Krekka’s species might be the same as another character’s species, or it might be unique. Some are confirmed to have unique species or be unique beings, as Ghid mentioned, others are not.


So to start of with… As Ghid pointed out, Axonn and Hydraxon are not made by Mata Nui by process of elimination. However, that all others are is an assumption as far as I’ve been able to tell. :confused:

However, even if they were made by Mata Nui:

Chat with Greg Farshtey | Page 646
3) How many MU species were created prior to Mata Nui’s departure of Spherus Magna? Would the Great Beings have known about Skakdi, Vortixx, Makuta, etc.?
3) Those that weren’t created were programmed into MN, so he could create them. The exception was Rahi, where the Makuta had the freedom to create what they felt was needed to some extent.

Sidorak and Krekka are confirmed to be of species, and not be of the same species, through the BIONICLE World and the Encyclopedia books.

As for some other confirmed cases of being part of species:

Official Greg Discussion | Page 235
5. Are there others of Brutaka’s species and Axonn’s species out in the universe? And do these beings have the same level of power as Axonn and Brutaka?
5) Yes and probably not

Official Greg Dialogue | Page 4
2. Hydraxon is a member of a species, not a unique being, correct?
2) Yes

Confirmed cases of not being the same species:

Official Greg Discussion | Page 249
7. Is Hydraxon from a seperate species than Axonn or Brutaka?
7) Yes

Official Greg Dialogue | Page 172

  1. Hydraxon is tall, black and silver, and very skilled and knowledgeable with weapons. These are all characteristics of most Vortixx. So, is he a Vortixx?
    1) No.

Official Greg Discussion | Page 148
3) Is Botar the same species as Axonn and Brutaka?
3) No, nor are Axonn and Brutaka from the same species.

And, for what it’s worth…

Official Greg Dialogue | Page 5
3 Can Krekka’s species come in different colors?
3a Sidorak’s?
3 No
3a No

There’s definitely more you can find if you look for it.

As for BS01, them being listed seperately doesn’t mean they can’t be of the same species, but they have to be assumed seperate unless specified otherwise. We can’t go listing two as the same species just because it’s a possibility. As for listing confirmed cases of them not being of the same species on BS01, you can list an inifinite number of negatives. It’s really not worth anyone’s time.

From past Greg answers, we know next to nothing about the details of the origins or purposes of these species.


Thanks for the clarification! I always liked to think that Axonn and his Species were made just when Great Spirit Robot launched, but it turns out to be a bit more complex case. However, thanks again for your help!

Oof, definitely one of those answers that most people ignore.


This would mean that all of Krekka’s species are blue, and all of Sidorak’s species are red, right?

That’s how it seems, although for all I know there’s another answer of his somewhere that says they do have different colors.

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This is confusing. If they are all the same color, are they also different shades of color?

Skimmed through the archive, and found these two answers:

I know the precedent is that older Greg answers are prioritized over newer ones, but based on the preponderance of answers being 2:1, and for the sake of uniqueness and creativity, I’d say they do have different colors.

But honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it too much either way. We’re not exactly getting canon depictions of either of those species with these contests, so feel free to imagine or MOC them however you will.

Found another one:


Well, we know Roodaka was a Vortixx. Not sure about the others, though.