Dō Bichū

The name means “two scorpions” in Punjabi. Mask is 3D printed from Shapeways. The designer is Galvanized. He calls the mask Pakari Nuva, flight adapted. The blades are from a new Ninjago set.



Once again, great color scheme and a solid build!

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Very nice moc. The mask looks really cool. My only complaint is that the secondary arms are pretty weak.

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Thanks man. They’re not really arms. More like stingers. Hence the name “two scorpions.” If you look closely at those weapon pieces, there’s like little dart tips/arrow heads on them. So I think they’re meant to be ranged weapons.

I really like the use of the Corroder Pieces… those pieces aren’t used as much as they should be. And the Ninjago blades also work quite well!


Great build, but the off green of the mask is a bit noticeable. But overall 9/10 I really like it! Great job once again!

Mmmmmmm, new Pakari…

My weakness.

This MOC is really good, and I need that mask.

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is there any way to make it smoother? it looks quite grainy up close compared to lego masks that are smooth

The only way is sanding and filling then sanding again and then painting(or acetone smoothing but I don’t think that the mask is printed in ABS)

You can choose to get a smoother, finished printing style. It’s about twice as expensive though. This type is $7 plus shipping. Note that printed plastic will never be as smooth as molded. It’s not possible with current technology.

I actually like the graininess of it. It picks up the paint colors a lot better when you dry brush.

But I can totally see why people would prefer them smooth like official LEGO.

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Amazing well put together build. I absolutely love the styles of your MOCs, keep it up.

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