Do MU inhabitants have teeth?

It’s kinda too cursed to think about, but:
“He’s a moron,” he said through clenched teeth.

so… do Mu inhabitants have teeth? or at least toa?
Does Nidhiki exclusively have teeth?


The thought of matoran having teeth scares me for some reason.


skakdi have teeth so I don’t see why other MU inhabitants shouldn’t


Some do, yes.

There are plenty of Rahi with teeth, Botar has teeth, and Skakdi have teeth. Plus there could be other species with teeth that we have not yet seen.

Greg does not think that Matoran have teeth, nor does he think that they need them:


They do have mouths, although whether or not they have mouths on their masks as well is up for debate. Nokama specifically drank water through her mouth at one point, which I imagine means that much like The Shadowed One being a mammal MU inhabitants need water to survive and have to consume it orally rather than somehow siphoning it through their hands.

As for teeth, yes there’s no reason to have teeth, but that could be argued for a lot of things. They could have just as easily been made with teeth because the great beings wanted to make them as alike to Agori/Glatorian races as possible. And they HAVE FINGERS, YOU HEAR ME?!

Greg’s “I think so” answers are stupid, as it’s a maybe with an argument for one side attached. He doesn’t ask to see what concensus is or arguments for one side or the other, he says maybe I dunno and then defends one side tooth (heh) and nail, and deflects evidence to the contrary. It makes those answers almost meaningless.


Nokama also had to eat a piece of the Karzahni plant after being poisoned at one point, so I would assume that she had to chew it, unless she simply swallowed it whole.


hey nokama how would you like still living salad


just joke suggestion that you can ignore : Their faces determine from shape of Kanohi they wear.
volitak has a skull shape, so it’s reasonable to have teeth.
Nokama’s Rau also has a mouth-like part.

They have them but mostly just for biting, not chewing.

See also: Question regarding MU digestive systems - #2 by RealGregF

In addition to the aforementioned Botar, we see teeth in other species in the sets – Roodaka, the Barraki, Nocturn, Bohrok…


Are they rally teeth on the Bohrok, though? They don’t really have “mouths”. They seem more like elephant tusks.

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“Visorak. Or in their tongue: the Steelers”
“Do they even have tongues? All I see are teeth. Also, aren’t the Steelers a football team?”

  • Whenua and Onewa, Web of Shadows, might be slightly paraphrased

I think we could interpret “through clenched teeth” as a “localization” of “through clenched mouthflaps”. Aikuru/OutOfGloom supposes (if I recall correctly) that MUian sounds are produced at the back of the throat and shaped by a set of mechanical lips (maybe with four segments a la the Miramax films?) the same way our mouths work. Depending on the amount of articulation in these lips, they could clench them together the same way we do our teeth to produce more strained sounds.

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