Do people feel confident about posting mocs and self mocs

I was wondering for i wanted to post my own moc ( i wont give it away ). Though i don’t want people to be mad at me. I also wanted to post a self moc and i’m interested to see yours and how to do one. I wanted to know of how you feel posting your mocs to. Also why do people steal moc pictures i think you should at least told us who made it. If you wondering why i’m asking this is that I started two days ago and i really want to know the community. I really like making my own reviews in the comments. So please tell me your experience.

— h1vem1nd (Hive Mind)

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When it comes to posting a MOC, you should do so if you’re comfortable with criticism, as that’s one of the biggest parts of a MOC Topic here; the helpful advice.


I have yet to post any MOCs, but that’s because I feel like most of them are really basic. And I don’t feel they are good enough.
I have not made any self MOCs, because all of them are separate characters.

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Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism. This is one of the most civil online communities I have ever seen, and 95% of the criticism is constructive. They aren’t insulting the moc, they’re trying to help make it better. That is what I have learned.

Nobody is ever mad about someone else’s moc. They may critique it… Harshly even, but nobody will dislike you as a person for what you build.

I’m never worried about posting my mocs if I’m personally happy with how they are. If not, I’ll hold off until I am. That way, I’m bound to get criticism that I either didn’t think of or solutions to problems that I couldn’t fix on my own.


Thick skin is required. It’s no use posting a moc here if any criticism sent your way will cause you to get angry.


That is my job to make constructive criticism. Its sorta my passion to do that and help other but thank you for support. You are really great people.

And to get support from artists, moc(ers), and just generally great people make me so happy

You have to first: be confident with your work, be satisfied with what you built.

Second: Be prepared for any knid of critcism, some people may love your MOC, but others will and can absolutely dislike it, and will give their criticism, as plitely as we can of course. But tbh, you have to be prepared for the worst, my advise is do the best MOC you can, and still be prepared for criticism, take in mind all kinds of criticsm are for you to improve


Not sure why people would be mad at you for posting some pictures of a MOC.
I mean, they can…

  • reads everything posted here so far *

I see that what I planned to say has already been said. Several times over.

Well, since you asked…

Marendex (2015) (v2.0.0)
Mardon (v1.5.0)

Personally, I’d recommend using one of two formats depending on a couple of factors.

(Warning: This may appear [and is] slightly stilted in favor of Format B [my preferred format].)

##Format A:
###Recommended Factors:
Small-to-medium amount of small-to-medium-sized (again, regarding the size of the file) pictures with small to large amounts of text.
Put some of the text at the top, some of the text at the bottom (if ya want to), and some of the text interspersed with the pictures that you simply embed into the post.


  • Gives ya everything right up front, what ya see is what ya get.
  • Much more popular than the next format.


  • Makes your post appear cluttered if not handled carefully.
  • May take longer to fully load the page.
  • Increases the amount of scrolling required to reach the bottom of the page.

##Format B:
###Recommended Factors:
Several large (regarding the file size) pictures with small-to-large amounts of supplementary text.
Put the text either at the top of the post, the bottom of the post, or both places depending on type/amount-of-text.

Put all the images into an imgur gallery and add a link to it in the post, perhaps with a single picture of the MOC above the link to show people what they’re getting into.


  • Saves a good bit of allotted data, thus lessening the chance of another “Not-able-to-embed-any-pictures-because-of-one-reason-or-another era” reappearing (though this is largely a non-issue nowadays).
  • Makes your post look a lot less cluttered (depending on the amount of text).
  • Lessens the amount of scrolling people will have to do to get to the bottom of the page.
  • May require less time for the page to fully load.


  • Keeps a good chunk of the pictures away from anyone who doesn’t click on the link
  • Not too popular a format these days.

This is a thing that happens?
I mean, I can see it happening, but it seems relatively improbable. At least on these Boards.

An admirable goal, to be sure.

Overall, rather positive, though my topics attract little activity compared to some others*.


  • Don’t let that last bit stop you, though.


I love posting mocs, and the only thing stopping me from pisting is when i feel that an upgrade isn’t significant enough to have it’s own topic. I’ve personally never had a bad experience with bashing on mocs anywhere ( here and

And in regards to my self MoC:
This is outdated, since he now has better neck and hip articulation, but i haven’t posted that yet. I’ll get around to it eventually. procrastination topic stuff right there

When it comes to posting your MOCs, you need to be ready to accept that the MOC has flaws and that many people in the community may expose those flaws in what may be perceived as very harshly at first glance.

For example I’ve had some MOCs that weren’t the best, and I received a lot of criticism on them.

At first I didn’t want to accept that the MOC had anything wrong with it because most of my other MOCs had received some great feedback, but I learned very quickly that it’s best to accept the fact that it has flaws and improve on those flaws.

So to conclude, when it comes to posting your MOCs online, it’s best to prepare yourself for constructive if not slightly harsh criticism and not to get mad, but rather accept and improve using that criticism.

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I’d suggest mine, but it was like, the first thing I posted. When making a MoC topic, feel open to criticism, cause you’re gonna get some. If there’s anything you still want to add, either say that or wait until you add it.

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I honestly do not care if people dislike my MOC
I appreciate Constructive Criticism, it helps me improve as a MOCer, and I always like to see other peoples thoughts
I dislike it when the only posts on the topic are “Great moc, well done!!!”
it doesn’t help me, and im sorry if that bothers anyone

honestly, dont be the kind of guy to give up after someone tells you “this MOC isn’t that good”
honestly, anyone has the potential to improve

For context, here is the first MOC i posted on the forums:

and here is the latest version of my self MOC:

I mean, by no means do I consider myself a really great MOCist, but I consider myself competent, I improved in a short period of time too.

I never enjoy seeing people give up over harsh criticism
Like, I will never understand people getting their jimmies rustled over criticism
There are way worse ways people could be talking about your MOC.

blah blah, dont give up on criticism or whatever


For me… Nope, tis the reason I’ve never posted a MoC and only posted art like, once. (Gonna post more soon though)

Definately post MOCs! Posting MOCs on this forum helped me as a MOC maker a critiquer of MOCs.

This was from November 2015

This was from February 2016

I joined this forum in late December.

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If you want to see mocs, here’s my first selfmoc-

Notice the open balljoints, red pins, and weird proportions.
Now V2-

All that’s fixed, and more.
You know why? Constructive criticism.

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I wouldn’t worry at all about it. The point of sharing MOCs is to improve and make more and better MOCs. No one gets mad, they all just want to help you improve, even if the way they put it seems like a degrading of yourself.

If you want to see Self-MOCs, here’s the evolution of mine over the course of a year:


Oh i love all of your support and i will post my own

Thank you all i really cant thank you enough


I’m pretty new as well, (oh wait, now your ten months more experienced, guess this is for others with the same question) but I’ve already posted five Mocs of mine and browsed past several, and nobody so far is concerned in straight up disrespecting them. Not to mention, we have good moderators to enforce that kind of stuff. Keep in mind, everything is subject to change and nothing here is 100% perfect. I’ve seen tons of Mocs where people discuss potential changes and improvements, but never one being totally hated or disliked without good explanation. It’s really a matter of being open minded, but nobody is forcing you to change your MOC is you’re happy with it.

Non of us would be here if we weren’t comfortable with criticism and showing off most of our Mocs. As for self Mocs I see them as just standard Mocs.