do shadow matoran get dizzy when they get their light restored?

something I want to know is do they get dizzy when they get their light restored by a Klakk?

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What I wonder is if their av-matoran appearence does come back together with the light. In the comics Takanuva is golden after being cured by the Klakk, suggesting it does, but in the books Vican is described by Takanuva as a flying little monster when at that point he was already cured. However, he was not an av-matoran, so he may hadn’t had any light to begin with.

That is because their mutations were added later by the Makuta; the light drain made them “evil”, but it had no effect on their appearance.


But, in the books the shadow leech that attacked Gavla turned her into a monster, Tanma describes how her hands fused with her tools and two bat-like wings emerged from her back. Also, Takanuva became pearl dark gray after the shadow leech partially drained his light. So, the light drain DOES change their appearence together with their personality.

The book description isn’t canon. Greg has said so himself. He wrote it that way in case an animation/comic was made for the scene

Light drain does change colours, but it doesn’t mutate.

didn’t say that “I want to know that if a shadow leech changes colors” but okay.

If the book descriptions are not cannon, what is? The sets? Because the sets show just what I mentioned, or I am supposed to believe Radiak had bat wings and four legs before he got infected? Of course the shadow leeches mutate the matoran. Now the question is whether the mutation is reversed or not once the light is restored. If mutation is not related to light drain, then light restorarion does not change their appearence, that would explain why Vican was still a bat like creature. And if light drain only changes their color and personality, then that would explain why Takanuva was golden once again.

The authour has the power to deem some aspect of their own writing non-canon. In this case, Greg has specified that Gavla was only described as mutated in case visual media included the scene.

He has also said this, but I’m not sure if this is prioritized above the “artistic license” explanation or not:

No, you’re supposed to believe that Mutran mutated him after he was infected. Because that’s what happened.

As @Racie02 mentioned, Shadow Leeches can change the colour of the victim’s armour, but any other physical changes were done later by Mutran.

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Ok, now I get it. So, the av-matoran remained like bat monsters because the mutation is not related to the shadow leeches. Anyway, it seems weird that a post by Greg has more canon-weight than the official books written for Lego. He wrote the books, but technically the franchise was made by Lego, specifically by Christian Faber. So I think that Greg’s power over Bionicle story is similar to that of a screenwriter in a movie and thus he should not have that power over canon. This is different to the Canon Contest, because we didn’t have any glimpse of how those characters look like. But when the official book, and a post in a forum contradict one another, the book should have priority because Greg doesn’t own the story.

He wrote the book though. :stuck_out_tongue: