Do the MU inhabitants have eyebrows?

hello Greg, I was wandering if the mu inhabitants had eyebrows???

(its for a moc im making)

thanks in advance,redstripepakari387

Matoran probably don’t have articulated eyebrows over or under their masks, based off of these quotes

As for other species, I couldn’t find any info

darnit, well how about in the mask of light movie

The first quote doesn’t explicitly mention eyebrows, but since it says that masks don’t move, I think it’s safe to assume that eyebrows are also movie-exclusive.

However, I encourage you to not let canon impede your moccing too much. If you think eyebrows look cool, go for it :wink:

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ok thx

I mean I would imagine bionicle masks are similar to actual real masks that inhabitants have normal face stuff under them. As for mask of light it’s probably a big anime eyes situation; having more expressive characters then they would otherwise have.