Does anyone have scans of The Bionicle Collector's Sticker Book?

I’m looking for this Bionicle Collector’s Sticker Book by Greg Farshtey I owned as a kid and buying it physically is too expensive. I was wondering if anyone who owns the book could send scans or photos.

It’ll be greatly appreciated if someone cold help me as well as archive the bionicles media.


there’s this site called BioMedia Project that should have most of what you’re looking for, not sure if they have the sticker book though

just checked, they don’t have the sticker books

I have the 2005 edition encyclopaedia which has some stickers at the back-it might have some you want? Idk how I would scan it tho.

I actually do have this book somewhere. I’ll see if I can find it and get scans

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I have it as well. If Daler99 can’t find it and no one else steps up, ping me and I’ll find my copy.


I likewise have my copy easily accessible in my basement. I’d gladly send it if Daler’s doesn’t come up (and send it over to BioMedia if they take submissions like that).

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Yeah, they’d accept scans at, and credit is provided for any submissions.


I found my sticker book. I have one that is filled out and one that is blank but has the sticker sheets intact. I’ll try to scan the blank one in tonight or tomorrow.