Does anyone own a fanbuild? Why?

I’m referring to builds like the Dark Hunters, Tobduk, Helryx, etc.

Just asking out of curiosity since most collections I’ve seen don’t bother with these or combiners for that matter.

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I own a couple of the Dark Hunters (Darkness, Firedracax, Savage, Mimic, and Tyrant) as well as Krakua. Bought them off of a seller on eBay, although I’ll admit he charges an arm and a leg for them. As to why, it’s mainly because I wanted the characters, particularly Krakua in that regard. Definitely didn’t have anything to do with the builds, partly because I’m not too interested in that side of the hobby, and partly because some of them, once in hand, aren’t that great (cough Darkness cough cough Krakua cough). I’m definitely not a completionist by any stretch though. I’m only interested in the ones that I’m, well, interested in.

Since you mentioned them, I also have a couple of the combiners too (TSO, Sentrakh, Voporak, Zyglak, and Jovan). Same as above, I only got them because I like their characters (well, Sentrakh I only got to go with TSO). TSO, Sentrakh, and Zyglak I found to be really fun and solid, and if you don’t mind having a bulky Nuparu then Jovan’s solid too. Voporak I was actually kinda disappointed in, though not necessarily by its own fault. It’s a big combo model… and that’s all it really does. Idk, he was the one I was most looking forward to of the combiners, but ended up being a big anticlimax. Maybe I just overhyped myself about him. I know Eljay in his review said he liked him, so your mileage may vary.

Overall though I’d highly recommend building or buying any fan or combo models that you want if you have the means to. If nothing else it’s a fun look into Bionicle’s side ventures.


I agree with you on that one. Many builds can be really nice while some leave a bit to desire. And of all these builds one could possibly own I have the freaking Metru mantis right on my desk. I just build it one day out of boredom. And it is as fragile as it looks let me tell you that.

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I personally don’t own any Dark Hunter fanbuilds, due to most of them having, well, interesting builds, and the rest I haven’t built due to not having the parts.

Combo models on the other hand, I’ve had many built, and many of them are kinda ugly. I got a sealed Tarakava set from my girlfriend for my birthday, and wanted to get the alternate build out of the way, and I must say, it was the worst alternate model I’ve ever seen. Other combo models I’ve had are the Toa Kaita Nuva, one of the Bohrok combiners(albeit with the wrong bohrok), and the Tahu-Narmoto combiner, and they were fairly good. The only combo models I still have built and don’t plan on taking apart is the black Fikou and the Rahkshi Inspirational Combiner 1.

To sum it up, only make combiner/alternate models if you 1) already have the sets and want to check the build out, or 2) really like the combiner/alternate/fan build.


I have Tobduk, Krakua and TheShadowedOne1’s build of Lariska. The reason for having Krakua for me is because he’s the only Toa with a canon build who has an element that isn’t one of the main 7, that being sonics. The reason for having Tobduk and Lariska is because I realized I had most of their parts in my part bin.

If you want to build Krakua, I’d recommend not using the regular technic ball joints. Use the through axle hole ones instead.

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I also have TSO01’s Lariska build. I really like the design and the fact that it’s a combiner even though it is not canon. Certainly none of the future Lariska mocs can compare to this one. I consider it headcanon. Reminds me to also check if I can build Tobduk or Krakua.

Edit: Tobduk joined the ranks of my collection


Yeah, I love how it does so many things so well. It looks feminine without being overly sexualized, the legs have really good articulation, the kanoka disk on her back is a nice tie in with her lore, it makes really good use of Krekka and Nidhiki’s parts in the torso and even if you only have one of those two sets, she’s already halfway completed.

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Recently put together my own Tahtorak, not very stable unfortunately, looks a bit cool on a shelf I guess but not as impressive as it seemed in the books.