Does Everybody hate me?

I ask because in last few months it seems that my posts have been taken down for no real reason. Can someone please explain to me why this is? It's ■■■■ like this that pisses me off, but I have to way to express myself or to explain myself.

What posts where deleted?

I don't know.
But I know 1.
Remember the post that @AidanBionicle1 made at the Bionicle Captions topic.

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No I do not...

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Generally the reason is:
-Your posts are off-topic(replying to old posts, memes, etc)
-They aren't appropriate(contain swears, inappropriate content)
or any mixture of these two reasons.


No one hates anybody here. As @Risebell stated above, posts are deleted due to irrelevance, randomness, or anything else that doesn't contribute to said topic.


As Rockho said, I don't think anybody hates anyone, so don't assume that smile Now, I haven't seen much of you, but if what Rise says is true, then the only reason topics/comments may be flagged or deleted is because they:

may be off topic (or misunderstood as spam)
involve swears (even in your initial post here, you said something, we don't really allow that)
double posts (don't double post, unless it's a topic you've made involving creative content, in which you may need to have update posts, ie if you had a fanmade game, or comic series)

That last one gets people a lot, and can be avoided easily, If you have an afterthought, just edit your post. smile


Thats because it was off topic.

Okay, stop. Your overreacting to this.


Whoa there, calm down. I might have to flag that post too.

Generally speaking, people don't get notified when their posts get deleted.

I have to agree that the Mods should notify people when their posts get flagged before deletions....


Just because its your topic doesn't mean he can't flag your posts.
Also, i think we could use some Mods right now. @Chronicler @Nyran @Waj


no nO NO!


Alright, that's quite enough.

As far as I'm aware, no one "hates" anyone. However, there is no reason for this topic either.

@AidanBionicle1, people flag your posts when they believe that they do not properly align with or follow the rules and guidelines we have set up for this site. Just because they're flagged doesn't mean anyone hates you.

Also, I don't know where people got the idea that just because it's their topic, they can make the rules for it. It may be your topic, but it's our site.

If you're stressed out, we advise you take a break for a little while to cool off. Otherwise, we'll need to suspend you for a little bit in order to let you give it some thought and take some time to get some perspective. So sit back, relax for a few hours or so, and come back refreshed, alright? No one hates you, they're just trying to make sure everyone's able to have a good time, and attempting to make sure the boards are clean.

Thank you.


Even if it's your topic.
The mods and TTV can take it over if they want.

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I'm going to go ahead and close this topic as there is no longer any need for it to exist. Actually, I don't believe there ever was. Aidan, if you have any person grievances with anyone, let us (anyone on the staff) know via personal message here on the Message Boards, and we'll see if it can be taken care of. Thank you.