Does Gali Mata Have Hands?

So we all know that when the original Toa sets came out, some of them had the hand pieces (Tahu, Lewa, Pohatu) and they all (except Pohatu) had that strange limb to hold their weapons. Onua, of course, has his claws; which I always deemed to be his hands, essentially. But Gali only has two of the weapon holding arrms. Does she have hands? In the comics, she is shown even without the hooks and an empty socket at the end of her arms. If not, how does she get hands in Nuva form? Do Tahu, Lewa, and Kopaka have a right hand? If not, how do they get hands in Nuva form?

I must know.


I always considered the “weapon holders” to be like hands I a sorta clenched fist, but honestly I never really thought about that before


She has no hands. She has 1 finger per arm.


Plot twist: the hooks are her arms.

In tale of the Voa, she’s described as swimming with her hook arms





So she’s flipping everyone off?


freezing cold take: they’re kinda like cow hooves, but with an indentation instead of being split

This hurt my brain to try to comprehend.

I’ll accept that.

Yeah that makes the most sense to me. But it seems strange that some of them would have two different arms all together.


Well I mean in bioniclr hero’s her hooks were handheld so I think either works.

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Gali’s hands in the intro to BIONICLE: The Game always freaked me out. :stuck_out_tongue:


As far as I know, there is no precise information about number of fingers for Matoran\Toa\Turaga (searched “Ask Greg” seection, haven’t found the number). Gali obviously has normal hands, but due to lack of pieces they were not created properly. Also all the in-game and in-movie appearances count as non-canon or semi-canon (all info from BS01).

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Dekar and Defilak are like that too!! :anguished:
I like to imagine their hands morph everytime they hold the weapons.


How is this still a question after 20 years? It has been clarified multiple times that the answer is YES. She holds the hooks in her hands. Just check BS01.


Just to back up pro-hand sentiment, there’s this passage from Bionicle Legends 9, Interlude 2:

Gali scrambled to her feet, but this time she didn’t attack. Instead, she took a few steps backward, keeping her eyes trained on Hydraxon’s hands. If he was going to toss another blade or boomerang, this time she would be ready.

As it turned out, his hands never moved. Instead, he lashed out with a kick at a nearby dune, spraying a load of sand into her face. While she was blinded, he threw two knives, knocking both hooks from her hands.

Additionally, when Tahu Nuva devolved into Tahu Mata courtesy of the Ignika, his set representation clearly has him with hands.


Isn’t it Hahli in Bionicle Heroes though?

Wow that is terrifying. I used to play that game all the time way back when and never noticed that.

Well I wouldn’t necessarily attribute it to lack of pieces. The hand sockets used on the Nuva existed when the Mata were created, Kopaka even used that for his shield (then he switched arms when he became a Nuva, does he have a left hand?).

I see that you are correct. Here is a quote from Greg regarding the subject:

I have not read the book, so correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t she a Nuva by that point in the story?


No, the interludes of the book are flashbacks. They detail the earliest tales of the Toa Mata when they were created, trained on Daxia, and sent to Karda Nui before Mata Nui had ever woken up; this all happened 100,000 years before the main 2008 storyline.

She, along with the rest of her team, are Toa Nuva in the main chapters of the story.


Ah, thanks for clarifying.

I’m talking about the weapons. With the toa mata it’s hard to tell if they have hands or not but those starter mata weapons are definitely handheld in the game.


Ah gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.

plot twist: she has crab claws as hands

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