Does Pit Mutagen effect Coral?

We know pit mutagen affects organics, but how would it affect coral?
And how would it react with hordika venom?


Pit mutagen has much slower effects on fully organic life, so you wouldn’t notice any change, without doing some research.

Q1: Are the Vampiric Squid immune to the mutagen?
A1: That’s a good question. The squid are native to those waters, the bio-mechanical beings there are not. So it may be that the mutagen’s effects are much more subtle on fully organic beings than they are on Barraki, Matoran, etc. It may also be that they just take much, much longer to manifest.

Q2: Would the Mutagen affect the animals who live in the water, like the Barraki’s armies or the Squids?
A2: It seems to affect pure organics much more slowly.

Q3: Are Sea Squids immune to pit mutagen? It doesn’t seem to affect them in anyway…
A3: Not in any way we have seen. It may well be causing internal changes to their DNA which won’t become apparent for generations to come.

As for the second question, we do not see the mutagen affecting simple substances, so it probably wouldn’t change the venom itself. If anything the two seem to be quite similar in their properties:

Q4: So, the mutagen affects complete races in the same way? That’s why the Matoran from Mahri Nui look all the same, even when they looked different when they lived on Voya Nui (due to Karzahni’s rebuild)?
A4: It seems to, mainly for consistency’s sake, in much the same way Visorak venom does.

They would probably just mix.