Does Protodermis Rust?

When put under extreme amounts of water-ware or stress, could Protermis oxidize like some earth metals? Or maybe gain a greenish patina, like copper? Makuta’s armor appears to have this in the movies, but I’m not sure if that aspect of his look is canon.


Since there is Kanohi Jutlin a great mask of corruption, with the following description, I would say definitely yes:
"It allows its user to break down inorganic objects within their range of vision by causing them to decompose and rust. "


The Kanohi Vahi rusted, which is why it is orange rather than gold in the present.


Yes, that too.

Protodermis can definitely rust. This topic aside, I am new to the message boards and was wondering if I may ask for assistance with posting here. There are some issues like malware that I have encountered here I would like to discuss/warn others of.

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I always just press the large plus (+) sign on the main page and select a category. The site lets me post from there. Is that what you’re doing?

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Thank you. I was able to figure it out through experimentation. My issue was with the welcoming titled posts, which I have noted on the message board.

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The button doesn’t have the plus sign in it anymore unless you put your mouse over it. When the site’s Software was updated, whoever updated it forgot to make it so it would always show, according to Eljay.


Yeah we have instances of rusting, as has been pointed out. Let’s also remember that Protodermis is an incredibly versatile substance that can come in a wide variety of forms (like rocky/liquid Protodermis) and I don’t imagine it likely that they would all be able to rust.

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Yeah, this is a good point.

Metallic protodermis definitely rusts; Makuta’s armor is however a special kind of metallic protodermis; protosteel.

But everything, except probably the air, in the MU is protodermis - The plants, the muscles, the metal, the rocks, the soil, the water, the ice, the lava.

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