Does the Olmak require a Teleport Disk?

Hello, Greg, I’m asking this to hopefully get some clarification. You have answered this question 4 times before, and I know you said previous answers take precedence, but each of them have either been vague or don’t make sense, and I’ll try to show why I think this is.

1 Would it be safe to assume/is it possible that the making of the Kanohi Olmak involves a Teleport disk?
1 No, because that is not what the Olmak does. It opens dimensional gates – that is not the same as teleportation. Teleportation means one second you’re here, the next you’re there, with no awareness of movement – what Olmak does is dump you someplace else, that you are aware of, and then dump you out someplace else, often requiring measurable time in the intervening place.
(Aug 15, 2006)

This same reasoning could be used for, say, the Miru because it has the power of levitation, not teleportation, although in canon it does require at least a teleport disk (“Kanoka Disk.” Encyclopedia Updated, p. 53).

7a. Reconstitutes at Random + Enlarge + Teleport + Regeneration -> Olmak
7 There may not be Kanoka combinations for those masks, as they were not made in Metru Nui, so most likely were not made using the disk method
(May 2, 2008)

You originally said the same thing about the Mask of Mutation requiring a Reconstitute at Random disk, but changed your answer to that it does require one.

1 Would you say that a Kanohi Mask of Mutation would be made out of a Reconstitute disk?
1 No, because it wasn’t made on Metru Nui so most likely was not made from a disk
(Dec 30, 2007)
Was the Mask of Mutation made from Reconstitute at Random Kanoka?
Not solely, no
(Sep 19, 2014)

BioSector01 currently has the second answer as the canon one.

4 What disks are needed for an Olmak? Surely it’s just a teleportation disk… But then why were there only two Olmak? (Olmak = Mask of Dimensional Gates)
4 Don’t recall, it was too long ago.
(Aug 18, 2013)

This answer gives no confirmation one way or the other.

What would be needed in terms of disks to forge an Avsa, Olmak, Felnas, Tryna, Suletu, Kadin, Faxon, Mask of Emulation, etc.
I don’t have info on the disk combinations that create different powers. I didn’t need that for story, so never came up with it.
(Aug 19, 2017) Forging Kanohi

I completely understand this, as like you said, it wasn’t needed for the story, but after all this, would you still have a problem with the Olmak being made with at least a teleport disk? It would make sense to me at least because you are, in a sense, “teleporting” between dimensions. I apologize for the long read, but would appreciate some clarification on the issue.

Thank you.


Greg’s first answer is pretty clear that the Olmak doesn’t teleport, it just opens the gate. Beside, if you make a disk out of a Teleport Kanoka, you just get a Kualsi.

This might be a case of the community pushing Greg for unnecessary micro-detail over a decade since he was that far immersed in the canon.

EDIT: Apologies if I’m not supposed to respond this way. I’m just not sure that any response Greg is likely to give will satisfy the OP.


His first answer is clear, but it doesn’t make sense. He said the Olmak doesn’t need a Teleport disk because it doesn’t teleport, but if that’s the case, why does the Miru need one when it levitates, not teleport? I’m not saying it would just be from a Teleport disk because, as you said, that would be a Kualsi, but I see no reason to say the Olmak couldn’t be made from at least a Teleport disk.

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The disc powers involved in a power doesn’t have to necessarily make sense. The Huna doesn’t freeze, the Kaukau doesn’t shrink, the Pakari doesn’t remove poison. The Teleport in the Miru doesn’t have to be mean anything significant.

In any case, the Miru does at least move the user in some respect; whereas, as Greg said in his first answer, the Olmak doesn’t move the wearer, it just opens a portal near them that they can choose to pass through.

I think it would make sense if the Olmak did include a Teleport disk, but I can live with not knowing. Greg seemed fairly non-committal either way. It might not even have a disk combination.


Greg’s first answer makes the most sense.

What about the Olmak? Vezon has his fused to his body, and Brutaka lost his. Could more be made?
Possibly, though I have a feeling the disks used to make one would be rare. I don’t think we would want too many of those masks in the story.
(Mar 18, 2014),6

Here he implies the Olmak can be made from disks, but that the disks needed would have to be rare.

He said possibly, and would. It’s hypotenthical, not straight answer. And keep in mind that Greg already confirmed that both of the 2 Olmak were made by Artahka himself, who can make anything with the Mask of Creation, even without materials.

But it is an answer, even if he uses nondefinite descriptors. Sure Artakha can make another, but unless if he feels like it he doesn’t have to even think about it.

I think Olmak is somewhat a special case of s mask. I don’t think there’s even a disk with which you’re supposed to make one.

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“The Mask of Creation allows its user to imagine a completed product from raw materials and learn how to construct it. It can also create an object if the user is already aware of how that object can be made.”

So if Artakha imagined how to make the Olmak without any blueprints, the mask simply made them to him. Or he just had raw protodermis, but he was aware of how to make a disk, then from the disk a mask, and the MoCr made the Kanohi. Either way, Artakha may not needed to forge Kanoka to make a Mask, it was confirmed also, that mostly only on Metru Nui was the Kanoka used to forge masks. And also keep in mind that Artakha made both the Kraahkan and the Avohkii without any disks, and it was also confirmed. The Great Beings made the first Kanohi worn by their creations without using Kanoka, as such neither had the Olisi, the Ignika, the first Mask of Psychometry, or the Mask of Creation a Kanoka disk to be forged from. And seeing that Only 2 Olmak were made in the universe, and both were made by him, and it was confirmed that only Artakha could craft a new one, I highly doubt that there’s any Kanoka receipt for it, otherwise the Brotherhood of Makuta had already made several for themselves, and didn’t need to kill the Toa from Jovan’s team, who had the second Olmak, to obtain one. And yes, the Brotherhood made masks, Time Trap confirmed that even Teridax forged several masks in his Lair at Po-Metru , what Vakama has discovered.

“There are other ways to make Kanohi, as Kanohi predated mask makers. Mask making on Metru Nui stopped temporarily while it was was deserted, and resumed briefly when it was again repopulated, and halted finally when the entire Matoran Universe was evacuated. Other places where masks were made include the islands Artakha and Karzahni. It is possible to make masks out of purified Protodermis and skip the Kanoka stage.”

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Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting that the two Olmak that existed in canon were made using the disk method. I’m just asking if it could be made that way if someone wanted to make another Olmak. The only answer from Greg so far that’s made sense is that it can be, but the disks are rare, so I may have answered my own question. But regardless, Greg has been rather inconsistent on the topic, so I’m just looking for clarification, whether the answer would be yes or no.