Dolphins 5 MOCs (All complete)

Okay. I've been building some things, i'll put it like that. Here i have 5 MOCs i have made, using the spare 2016 parts i received from lego, i made 4 of which, and one last MOC, which was made with an assortment of parts. Some of the MOCs have parts not found in the sets they were built with, but the earliest one i did was about a month ago.

Looks like i'll start with the earliest.

Tempest, Uniter of Magma, and Ikuru, Creature of Magma.

Created with parts from Tahu, Onua, and their respective creatures, Tempest and his buddy stand just under the height of a regular Uniter.

For these two creations, i tried to have a half half kind of aspect, with gold being the main colour and having one half be purple, and one red, to signify the elements at play. (Those being Fire and Earth, which kinda make magma)

For Tempest, our Uniter, making that colour scheme was fairly simple, but for Ikuru, it was much more difficult. And trying not to use parts not from the sets at hand, it doesn't really have that half half aspect. Ikuru, however, is just Ikir with Terak arms.

Here we have a back shot of Tempest. Nothing really of note here apart from how high up the Unity piece is on his back. This is mainly because of how i built the body and how high up it is, and i could either make it a bit higher or stick it out more.

Here we have Tempest's sword. A two pronged, slightly wobbly fiery butter knife.
Nothing here again apart from noting how difficult it is to take off the hand. Because of how wobbly the blades were, i had to have a hand guard loop around the front, (Which is now hidden because of the armour plate) and attach it to the bottom of the hand.

Phew, and i did 5 of these?
Next up:

Kormac, Destroyer of Hopes.

Now this green, winged and un-horned version of Umarak is made out of Lewa, his creature, and obviously Umarak. The main part of this MOC is the hero factory feet used in the chest to make the skinny and bony chest armour seem more filled out and bulky, and also the arms, which are the upper arms of Lewa's, but then done again with rotating sword blades on them. The silver messes it up a little though.

All we have here is a zoomed in picture of the chest, which as i was talking about, is a bit more bulky.

And here are those arms i went on about.

And here they are with the blades folded out to maximum reach.

Nice back shot here. As you may be able to tell the massive crown wing thing at the very back is actually pretty much a creature attached without a head or arms. The feet in the chest are pretty much the feet of our fake creature.

And here we have a top shot showing off how wide the wings make Kormac, along with his backpack creature on his back.

Next we have the really bad one.

The Beast Master.

Now i don't like this one, but i guess i'll include it. This monstrosity was made with Pohatu, and the creatures of stone and water. I hate the colour scheme, but that was honestly unavoidable with the parts i had.

The only thing i like about this is the extra amour i put on the legs, and the shadow traps used at the back. The shadow traps don't have a good colour, but i think it looks ok.

Here we have a leg. It's pretty much an old hand piece with three of the browny ball joint things attached. It does what it needs to though, as i've almost connected the armour to the foot.

I only took 3 pictures for that one, because honestly, you don't really need any more.
Next we have a pretty custom one.

Iruk, Defender of Frost

This one i like a fair bit because of the chest armour and the head. The chest armour is made up of the plates on Kopaka's launcher. (This one was made with Kopaka and Gali only) and i've filled out the bottom a bit with the two blue plates.

Here is a top view, which shows off how well the custom body fits on.

Here we have a back shot. As you might have seen it has a weird spine thing on its lower back. Thats to stop the movement function because the lower chest armour would smack the piece and not move it very well.

And here is the sword. Its pretty much just a few technic parts with three blades, but it looks ok. i find the brown pins a bit annoying as i didn't actually have enough 3 stud long pins.

Now only one left.


Here we have it, the final MOC. hehe.
Anyway, this is the one i'm most proud of. I really think i've put the 5 armour plates on the chest in the right places and it all works. This one is made out of random parts and a fair bit of Onua 2016. The arms and legs are nothing special by any means, but i think the head is quite nice and the body is awesome.

So, this MOC is really two parts put together. At the bottom of the spine like structure there are some pegs connecting the spine to the legs and lower body, along with the plates on the front.

As you may have noticed, the body is fairly full and proportionate. It does however stick a bit out behind the legs and the arms, and when you notice it, the picture looks a bit weird.

The head here is quite custom. I used the plates normally used for the sides of Onua's hammer, but i put a telescope thing on one eye and made the other blue.

Here is just another shot of the telescope.

And here is the entire frame of the head, which fits in nicely and only makes the head one stud longer.

And here is a top shot, showing how wide "It" really is.

And thats it for now. See you in another post!

Thanks for reading, Post any comments/criticism/feedback. All of it is appreciated!


With the first one: The colors kinda clash and don't really work together IMO. But I really like the second one: The builds noice, colors are good, and just all around a good MoC.

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The second one looks like Umarak fused with Fulgore. Awesome.

I feel as if these are the combiners we were suppose to get. Nice job.

awesome, I can't wait to see the rest :smile:

I always wonder why trans purple shows up as blue. It happened to me too.

Of the two of them, Kormac looks the best

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Thanks for your feedback all of you. Two more are up, check them out!

I like tempest the most.

@Dingus @SwagMeister @BioKnight @TheRed1s @GIF.Man.Ben @LurkingEhlek @Xing1870

Well, they're all done now. take a look!

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I really like the last two, the colors are noice and they have pretty cool builds. But the third one is kinda strange, The Blue and Brown/Tan looks cluttered.

Yeah, i hate it. but i started building it and i didn't really have a use for any of the parts so i just finished it.

It okay... It's just a MoC...

Oh wow, It is quite the well done creation.

hehe. i see what you did there.