Hey everyone! Back with another MOC. I really enjoyed making the lower legs on this one - the idea is that he’s been working on / upgrading himself, and is in a WIP state, hence one leg being fully armored and the other technic-y and exposed.

As always, I have a video on this guy on my YouTube channel (Ozkabot) if you’re interested in more pics.


The torso sticks out a bit to much, but all the rest is awesome.

I love the feet! Sweet Work!

@LegoDavid Thanks! :smiley: Though his torso sticks out to much because his whole upper body is covered in heavy armour that’s been permanently fused on. The way Dominus looks here is the result of years of tinkering with his own body and experimenting with his mechanical implants - originally he was just a standard Glatorian.

@Toa_Radrix The lower legs and feet I found especially fun to work on, thankyou! :slight_smile:

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His torso doesn’t stick out enough.

This moc is pure gold. The beefiness of it, the massive gun fused to his arm, the overly powerful name, it’s flawless.

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@Likus Thankyou!

The silver head sticks out too much l, but overall good job