Doodle Dump (3/13 UPDATE)

Hey everyone, back again with my drawings I’ll be posting here that’s not lego related. The first one are some work that I’ve done a few years back.

Manly 80s comando cyborg guy


Nice Ogre

Yelling Sailor and Crazy-Evil Old Man

Crazy Goblin

Crazy Hillbilly

Mexican Skelton and Dia De Los Muertos El Valiente

Wooden Puppets

Realistic facial features (with some cartoon)

That’s it for today, I’ll add more in the future. If you want to know more about a specific drawing, ask. Anyways, take care! :laughing:



This is beautiful



you should get a career or something man

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Thanks! I’m planning on getting into animation as a career. I’ve done a few things here and there, but nothing major. I’m going to take a class on it for my senior year. REAAAAAAALY want a drawing tablet! :grimacing:

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seriously, this is on par with some(not all but some) classic works man! Really captures a nice aesthetic that feels really well aged and fun

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Wooden Puppets is perfect.

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The wooden puppets are ideas for a game in mind. I know that sounds pretty stupid to say, but a guy can dream can’t he? :sweat_smile:

You’re pretty good at what you do, 8Bit. Very skilled and I love the style you possess. This looks astounding.


This is talent! How are you animation skills?

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Wow these are groovy man.

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This is basically my best work. I have to use a notebook to create frames, but eats up alot of it, so I really don’t do that much.

(Also my other video is not good, I made that when I was in middle school, so I recommend not watching it. I would delete it, but I keep it as a reminder of my first try at animating.)

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Your quite talented, I love all these pictures to no end!

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wow, I really like the wood effect

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These are wonderful

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I dub thee Colonel Sarge. :stuck_out_tongue:


Getting some Book of Life vibes from these things. Not bad!

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That’s actually the inspiration to the puppets. I am a HUGE fan of puppets, especially wooden ones (I’m Mexican, so wooden puppets were a childhood favorite of mine).

These are all cool man, I like it.

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Thanks! And now an


Have I mentioned that I like skeletons?

Random doodles

Christmas stuff from last year

Shadow creatures (maybe for a game?)

Steam Punk kid for maybe a game in mind

That’s it for today. Still working on those profile drawings, may update later in the week. Until then, take care! :laughing:


Theeeese do not have enough likes. How long have you been drawing?

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I guess since I was 3 or 5. I really got into drawing at 7 or 8. Heck my drawing skills weren’t that good at the beginning of Middle school but sometimes I would draw something that would be at my skills now. I got really good at freshmen year.